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Does Yawning Help in Chilling Out the Brain?

Yawning Help in Chilling Out the Brain

What’s the instant reaction when you see someone yawning? Isn’t it he/she is extremely bored? Can yawning be extremely useful in cooling your brain? Should you actually yawn more for ensuring cooling of your brain? One of the most acceptable theories is of the researcher of the Princeton University stating yawning to be extremely important for cooling the brain.

Does yawning cool the brain?

When the temperature of the body or of the brain rises, the body responds by yawning, a thermoregulatory mechanism, the process that is responsible for helping the body maintain the body’s internal temperature.

What does the Research of Andrew Gallup on a  Parrot reveal?

As per the hypothesis of the Princeton University’s researcher, Andrew C. Gallup, when the body’s temperature increases, it’s natural for the body to increase yawning as this yawning helps in regulating the internal temperature of the body. When Parakeets’, a small parrot, body’s temperature increased, the frequency with which they yawned enhanced enormously.

Why Humans yawn more in winters?

As per the same research the humans are found to be yawning more in winters in comparison to the summers. Yawning was found to be 45% in winters while in summers it was found to be 24%. This is because during winters we inhale cold air and cold air narrows the blood vessels of the brain therefore, this cold air regulates the body’s temperature making us yawn.

Are Human Brains like Computers?

Human brains can be compared to the computers. Brain overheating symptoms are equivalent to the heating symptoms of the computers. The functioning of the brain is the most appropriate when it’s cool the way the computers function properly when cool. Due to the cool air’s inrush in our body, the narrowing down of the vessels of the brain occurs. The body responds by increasing the blood flow in the body by yawning. This yawning increases the flow of the blood in the neck, head, face and this together act as a cooling device for your brain.

How does yawning help during Sinuses?

Gallup and his colleagues explained that this process is also indulged in your sinuses. During sinus, yawning makes the thin wall of the sinus bend acting like a pump and providing ventilation to the sinus system by increasing the cooling of the head. Yawning for sure acts as a very strong ventilation system during sinus.

Why do we yawn when we get improper Sleep?

A previous study revealed the increase of the temperature of the brain when one gets improper sleep. Therefore, people with improper sleep yawn not because they find things boring but because the body is trying to regulate the body’s internal temperature to be able to make the brain remain cooled.

What are the advantages of contagious yawning?

Contagious yawning isn’t a repercussion of the season or the number of hours of the daylight. It rather is an outcome of the temperature reaching around 20 degrees Celsius. When the temperature rises, the contagious yawning decreases while when the temperature decreases, the contagious yawning increases. In fact, contagious yawning improves the alertness of the group by increasing the efficiency of the mind.

So, Does yawning mean you are tired? No. Rather let the brain remain cool through yawning. As is appropriately said, “He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.” Remain healthy by yawning and by getting the timely health tests done.

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