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Thyrocare Wellness/Aarogyam Offers| Delhi/Noida/Mumbai/Chennai/Bangalore

About Thyrocare Technologies Ltd

Thyrocare Technologies Ltd - A chain of diagnostic centers throughtout the country and its presence in Nepal, Bangladesh and other Asian countries offers preventive health care and laboratory testing services. Thyrocare offers home pickup facility for blood sample collection throughout the country. Thyrocare is NABL and CAP certified laboratory. Thyrocare aims at building preventive care and health test affordable for everyone by cutting down the cost of tests and health checkups.

Fully automated Thyrocare Laboratories have made it possible to give accurate and fast reports with automated reporting system. Accuracy of tests and delivery speed of reports have made Thyrocare even more trustworthy and reliable.

Fully Automated Thyrocare Labs

Thyrocare is first fully automated IT enabled laboratory of India. It focuses on providing quality and fast services and at the same time cutting down the cost of health test. Thousands of blood samples are processed everyday with reporting time of max 5 hours. Most of the reports are delivered same day.

Home Sample Collection

Home sample collection facility offered by Thyrocare is fast, reliable and trustworthy. Thyrocare has huge number of collection centers in top metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida throughout the country. Anyone looking for a blood test can take the appointment at 3H Care via a toll free number 1800 110045. Professionall phlebotomist from Thyrocare visits the patient on the given address at the given time and collects the sample. Reports are sent to the patient in form of hard copy or email, based on the patient's choice

Thyrocare not just offers blood tests but a wide range of health tests and preventive tests that are not available elsewhere. Thyrocare offers a wide range of health packages also ranging from overall wellness profile to arthritis, bone health, pregnancy health profile etc.

Wellness And Aarogyam Packages From Thyrocare

Thyrocare offers a wide range of wellness or aarogyam packages. Packages differ based on the number of test parameters. Some of the popular Aarogyam Packages from Thyrocare are --
Aarogyam M Profile - Mini Aarogyam includes 33 Test Parameters Complete hemogram, Diabetes, Thyroid Tests
Wellness A Profile - Includes 71 Test Parameters - fundamental tests for screening of diabetes, liver and kidney function, thyroid profile, complete hemogram, lipid, toxic elements and more
Wellness B Profile - 74 Test Parameters including diabetic screening, vitamin tests, toxic elements checkup, thyroid profile, complete hemogram, iron deficiency test, pancreatic test and more
Wellness C Profile - 79 Test Parameters including diabetic screening, vitamin tests, lipid profile test, toxic elements, cardiac risk marker, thyroid profile and more

Other Popular Tests From Thyrocare Include Exclusive Preventive Health Checkup Packages

Pro Aarogyam 1.2
Pro Aarogyam 1.3
Pro Aarogyam1.7
Wellness Gold Male
Wellness Gold Female
Pro Thyroid Profile Package
Various Arthritis Profile Packages
Hepatitis Panel Test

Thyrocare Offers For Various Health Tests And Wellness Packages

Thyrocare offers wellness or aarogyam packages and other health tests at highly competitive price. You can get these tests done at on of the Thyrocare Aarogyam centers. You can also ask for home sample pickup. A Thyrocare representive would come and take the blood sample from location of your choice. 3H Healthcare offers Thyrocare health packages at even more low prices. These discounts are available exclusively at 3H Care portal. Amazing discounts + additional attractive cashback available through Paytm and other mediums. Give us a call at our toll free number 1800 110045 to know more about the offer

3H Care offers discounts on Thyrocare Preventive Health Packages listed below ---

Package Name

Offer Price

Additional Paytm Cashback

Package Details

Thyrocare Pro Aarogyam 1.3Rs 1450Rs 250Click here
Thyrocare Pro Arthritis ProfileRs 2200Rs 300Click here
Thyrocare Pregnancy Profile BRs 2250Rs 250Click here
Thyrocare Pro Anemia ProfileRs 1850Rs 250Click here
Thyrocare Pro Aarogyam 1.2Rs 1000Rs 100Click here
Thyrocare Diabetic Profile ARs 1575Rs 200Click here
Thyrocare Diabetic Profile MRs 900Rs 100Click here
Thyrocare 1+1 Offer - Thyrocare 20Y Profile MRs 2400Not ApplicableClick here

3H Care offers for Thyrocare packages are available pan India. Top metro cities in India where Thyrocare has well known presence are ---
Thyrocare Delhi
Thyrocare Mumbai
Thyrocare Chennai
Thyrocare Delhi
Thyrocare Noida
Thyrocare Bangalore

Thyrocare Test Online Reports

Reports for most of the tests at Thyrocare Laboratories are available same day.
Depending on your choice you can ask for report in your email or get the hard copy of report at your physical addresss
Reports can also be Tracked at Thyrocare's track your report facility online

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