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The Importance Of Pre-Marital Check-Ups

Marriage is a sanctified union of two individuals who are solemnized to lead a life together in the years to come. With the start of a family and having kids, the relationship gets strengthened in due course of time. Given the responsibilities and challenges that life may pose, it is important to have physical fitness that can be deemed fit as per medical standards. A premarital health check-up is thus the need of the hour for individuals who are soon to become couples. You can easily approach the top diagnostic labs in Delhi to buy pre marital health packages Delhi.

The Importance Of Pre-Marital Check-Ups

What is pre marital check ups?

It is an elaborate set of various medical tests that help in the detection of genetic, infectious and transmissible diseases. This test/s is done on men and women alike so it can be assessed whether both individuals are medically compatible and safe from diseases before marriage. Some of the common types of tests that get covered in the pre marital health package in delhi are:

  • HIV infection.
  • Urine routine.
  • Semen analysis.
  • Blood group & RH typing.
  • Complete haemogram

Additionally, there can be tests of Hba1c, RBS, HbsAg, and ultrasound pelvis screening. Consultation with a urologist is also included in the same package.

Why is it important to choose pre-marital health packages?

In modern times, diseases have defied the age-old myth that certain health complications arise only in a specific phase of life. Therefore, when it comes to marriage, there are chances that a grave disease might be looming large not just over an individual but three or even four individuals if we assume that the couple-to-be is planning on having two kids.  On a broader note, the importance of pre marital health packages can be gauged by the following facts:

  1. The pre marital health package delhiincludes the tests of sexually infected diseases that could affect the conjugal life of married individuals. Early detection of these diseases can help in their cure whereas in the cases when it is found that the individual is suffering from HIV, it can reduce the possibility of marital life sabotage.
  2. A Genetic disorder is another grievous health condition that can be successfully ascertained in pre marital health check ups. To say the least, these disorders can be life-threatening for the offspring as well. Blood tests that are conducted under the pre marital health package delhi provide detailed analysis about Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease.
  3. Moreover, the pre marital check up also sheds light on the hereditary health problems that a person might be facing and what are its implications if the soon-to-be couples are willing to have a baby.
  4. Semen analysis done in these pre marital tests can be extremely beneficial for men as well as women as far as checking the fertility rate is concerned. Many a time, it has been observed that couple suffer or get to know about their fertility issues after a good two or three years of marriage. In order to lessen the despair and emotional trauma, it is necessary that women go for ovulation tests and males get their fertility rate analyzed.

Choosing the right diagnostic lab facility for pre marital health packages especially in Delhi and NCR can be a difficult job for local residents, let alone the people who come from far-flung areas. To address this issue of utmost importance, 3hcare has partnered and roped in some of the best diagnostic labs in Delhi that also have excellent facilities to conduct pre-marital health check-ups at affordable rates.

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