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The Complete Process of Abdomen Ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic method that allows the assessment of the situation of all organs and blood vessels in the abdominal area. By sending specific images, in fact, it is possible to evaluate the state of health of some organs of the abdominal part, including the shape, structure and size of the various parts. Furthermore, with the integration of Doppler, more information can be obtained (through additional sound or visual indicators) regarding the circulation inside the blood vessels.

From the complete abdomen ultrasound, we can distinguish:

  • Upper abdominal ultrasound, which involves organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, biliary tract, kidneys, adrenals and lymph nodes of that area;
  • Lower abdominal ultrasound, which affects the bladder, uterus, prostate and appendages.

When one is preparing to resort to this examination, it is essential to distinguish between the ultrasounds of the ultrasound probe, completely harmless, from the radiation used during an X-ray, which is decidedly more invasive and dangerous.

How abdominal ultrasound cost in Delhi occurs?

To perform a proper abdominal ultrasound, the doctor must distribute on the affected area a quantity of gel that allows the probe to slide easily on the patient's skin and to transmit deeply the ultrasounds emitted. This probe sends the ultrasound images of the affected area, allowing a careful diagnosis to be carried out in a non-invasive way.

During this examination, the patient is lying on his back or, possibly, in a lateral position on the examination table.

The complete abdomen ultrasound takes about 20-30 minutes and costs quite little. Generally it is not painful, except for some isolated cases during which the patient feels a slight annoyance; this only occurs if the abdominal ultrasound is performed on an already inflamed area.

Why is it done, what it is used for and what is not needed whole abdomen ultrasound price?

This type of ultrasound is useful for analyzing the situation of the individual organs of the abdominal area; it is therefore fundamental to diagnose various possible pathologies. Among these, all the diseases affecting the single organs mentioned above and other problems, such as: liver diseases (such as hepatitis or cirrhosis), tumor forms, cysts, abscesses, venous and arterial changes, changes in wall thickness intestinal, as well as the presence of fluid internally and externally the abdominal cavity.

The examination does not present contraindications and, in cases of necessity, it can also be performed at home.

How to prepare for abdominal ultrasound?

In the case in which only the ultrasound of the lower abdomen is performed, it is not necessary to follow a specific diet; it is important, however, to drink plenty of natural water in the two hours before the exam. The bladder must be moderately relaxed; it would be optimal, therefore, if the patient did not urinate in the last 3-5 hours. In case this effort is not possible, it is recommended to drink a few glasses of water in the last hour before the exam.

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