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I am thankful to 3hcare for bringing my life back on track. I was suffering from type 2 diabetes and didn’t know about it, just used to feel so exhausted all the time. Then with the help of diagnostic tests I could know about the diabetes. Now with the help of right treatment, diet and healthy lifestyle I am able to beat the further effects of the diabetes.

3hcare is unique in lot of ways, no long queues, quick services and best thing is I didn’t have to go and collect my reports as it was sent online and I could check using my phone.

Manish Mehta (New Delhi)

3hcare has given me the opportunity to embrace motherhood. We were looking forward to have a baby all these seven years of our marriage. Had no idea what was wrong. Then a friend suggested to take pre-natal screening test and with the help of 3hcare it was so easy to locate nearest diagnostic centre. They figured out the problem and with the proper medication and care we are now blessed with a baby boy who is 2 months old already.

Can’t be thankful enough. :)

Riya Dev (Ghaziabad)

On this mother’s day I was wondering what should I give my mom. I happened to see this “Well women package” on 3hcare Facebook page. And I guess it was the best gift I could ever give to her. Best was they collected samples from home and my mom didn’t need to go anywhere. Reports were sent to me online which was a big time saver.

Guys keep it up with the good work! :)

Pankaj Shah (Delhi)

As a HR manager I was thinking of introducing a health screening for our newly employed lot. 3hcare made the search easy. “Executive Health Package” is what I wanted to ensure a healthy team.  I got the package on a reasonable price and employees could choose their respective nearest screening centres. Online reporting made it even quicker and more manageable for us. I can now confidently recruit the fit lot and 3hcare deserves the credit for it.

Harpreet Kaur (Gurgaon)

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