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Regular Health Checkups - Why are they so Important

Importance of regular health checkups

Does regular physical checkup with your physician affect your health? Well if you get regularly diagnosed, your doctor may find a problem before it becomes a havoc. Getting your annual checkup done lets you know is everything in working order. Going to the doctor for an annual checkup is just like taking your car in for a tune up, but the sad thing is most people take their cars in to get “checked up”, but they don’t go get themselves checked out. 3H Care brings you the facts which may prove a blessing to you and your family health.

A health checkup consists of a series of tests that are designed to check if you are on the right health track. The basic goal of a health checkup is to find the hidden disease in your body, prevent it from building, and lower its effect on your body. Health checkups have several advantages. By taking up regular health checkups, you are increasing your lifespan by improving your health and preventing it from deteriorating. Preventive maintenance is the key, going to the doctor and getting a checkup is to make sure everything is in working order and stays in working order. This way illnesses can be treated and no harm done if it is caught early.

There is a purpose of the periodic health examination as primary prevention measure. They are:

  1. To identify risk factors for common chronic diseases
  2. To detect a disease that has no apparent symptoms (secondary prevention)
  3. As a way for the doctor to counsel people to promote healthy behavior
  4. To update clinical data since last checkup
  5. To enhance the relationship between you and your doctor

Preventive interventions your doctor may use at your checkup are the following:

  1. Diagnostic screening tests are useful in the early detection of disease. Some examples include the physical exam, blood pressure reading, and laboratory tests.
  2. Immunizations include shots such as a tetanus booster, flu shots, and other vaccinations.
  3. Medication prescription may be as simple as suggesting that a person with heart disease risk factors take an aspirin daily.
  4. Counseling for health promotion either before or during a health problem may decrease the burden of suffering or prevent the disease.

So the question you have to ask yourself is; are you willing to assume you are in good health because you “feel fine”, or do you think it would be more wise to make an appointment, especially if it has been over a year since you’ve been, and go get a checkup. What have you got to lose? A few bucks for the visit? Can you put a price on your health? Or even more so, can you put a price on life? If you have a family you have even more to consider besides yourself. What about them? How long has it been since your husband or wife has been to the doctor or what about the kids? Get yourself checked up from and get hassle free services also you don’t have to rush to doctor’s clinic for getting list of tests as they are given on our website. Visit our website for booking the test online and avail discounts up to 40% with additional 5% discount to first 1000 users.

You may have heard that old saying about “God only gave you two eyes, take care of them”. Well He only gave you one body, take care of it. 

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