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Recommendations Before Doing a 4D or 5D Ultrasound

Are you going to get a 4D or 5D ultrasound and you do not know how to prepare yourself to be perfect? In that case, take note of the recommendations we give you in this post!

Avoid giving you moisturizer 48/72 hours before your ultrasound 4D or 5D

We know that during pregnancy the use of this product in your tummy is essential to take care of the skin. However, you should know that body creams have a fatty film that produces interference in the ultrasound. This influences the quality of the image, making it difficult to visualize your baby. Therefore, this is one of our main recommendations before your 4D or 5D ultrasound.

Try to drink 2 liters of water every day- 3 or 4 days before

Drink plenty of water the days before your 4d ultrasound test will help make the amniotic fluid clearer. Thanks to this, the ultrasound will provide sharper images.

Bring some sweet or exciting drink on the day of the session

Sometimes babies are on their backs or asleep. In order to get them to move and see their faces better, one of our recommendations before your 4D or 5D ultrasound is to take an ounce of chocolate or coffee, as long as the professional advises.

Take 1.5 liters on the day of your 4D or 5D ultrasound and avoid urinating 15 minutes before

In the same way that it is essential to consume fluids before performing a 4D or 5D ultrasound, it is the same day of the session. Also, it would be preferable if your bladder was half full. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid going to the bathroom at least 15 minutes before the 4D or 5D ultrasound. In this way, you are favoring the visualization of the baby.

Wear comfortable clothes and relax

On the day of your 4D or 5D ultrasound, choose items of clothing that you feel comfortable with during the session. A pair of pants that you can undo and a wide blouse with your tummy to the air would be two great options. Remember that the duration of your 4D or 5D ultrasound will be approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, from Forty Weeks we advise you to relax and enjoy this unique experience!

The importance of knowing when to have a 4D or 5D ultrasound

Finally, one of the best recommendations before your 4D or 5D ultrasound is that you choose when to perform it. The week of pregnancy in which you decide to enjoy this experience will be crucial to get the best viewing of your baby. We remind you that as the pregnancy progresses, your baby is located in the pelvic area, which can hinder the visibility of some parts of your body.

Follow our recommendations and enjoy this day

From Forty Weeks we want you to feel comfortable and be able to see your baby as clearly as possible, so it is essential that you follow these recommendations before your 4d ultrasound test. In case it is not possible to see it, do not worry. Our professionals will teach you different exercises to facilitate the movement of the baby, or we will repeat the session without additional cost. Are you ready to live an extraordinary experience?

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