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Pre-employment Health Packages Benefits Both Employer and Employees

It is important for every organization to hire a workforce which is not only competent but healthy as well. There are many verticals and criteria which makes the basis for a recruitment of an employee but when it comes to checking the health parameters, the pre employment health packages Delhi is the most appropriate method to make sure that the recruit is not susceptible to frequent sickness. This also ensures that the workforce will be more productive; fewer workdays off that hamper production and creation of a better and healthy environment at your workplace. If you’re running a business or a company, take a look at the comprehensive guide to help you with everything about Pre-Employment Medical Assessments/ Tests.

What is a pre-employment test?

The preliminary medical examination or check-up before you hire an employee for your business is popularly known as the pre-employment test/assessment. These assessments are conducted by a team of professional expert medical practitioners and are administered by organizations that help businesses with their pre-employment test process.

What is looked into in a pre-employment process?

Most of the pre employment health packages Delhi are pretty comprehensive in nature meaning there are medical examinations which identify pre-existing injuries or underlying medical conditions, and determine an employee’s ability to perform the tasks he/she has been hired for. Being aware of pre-existing conditions and/or risk factors may help lower your workers’ compensation and general disability claims.

What are the different types of Pre-employment Tests?

The pre-employment tests are conducted to ensure that each of the information pertaining to the medical condition of your potential employee is thoroughly verified and examined. With Industrial Health Consultants this robust process of medical examination is conducted by experts and so we have several levels and types of pre-employment tests:

Clinical/physical examination which includes blood pressure, body mass index, cardiac, respiratory, abdominal, nervous system and musculoskeletal systems

·        Lung function test

·        Audiometric (hearing tests)

·        Ophthalmological –Eye tests

·        Toxicology/ drug screening

Questionnaire- This is a list of questions which covers a range of topics that give an insight of the employee's relevant medical and personal history, as well as a past work history. If needed, some further details might also be added.

After filling out the questionnaire the process moves toward some examinations like Blood pressure check, weight check on a scale, analysis body mass index or BMI, and physical examination of the various vital organs and how well they perform in both normal as well as grueling conditions. These tests would cover cardiac, respiratory, abdominal, nervous system and musculoskeletal systems.

Lung Function Test

·        Clinical chest examination

·        Auscultation with a stethoscope

·        Spirometry test

Audiometric (Hearing Tests)

·        History taking

·        Clinical ear examination

·        Audiometric testing with audiometer for hearing levels

Ophthalmological –Eye tests

·        Visual acuity

·        Test for color blindness/driving strain

·        Toxicology/ drug screening

Why is it important for your company to conduct thorough pre-employment tests?

There are several benefits of conducting a thorough pre-employment test and especially the pre employment health packages Delhi as they ensure that your business gets all these benefits of a Pre- Employment test.  So let’s take a look how a pre-employment test and what benefits they give:

·        Having a cognizance of any pre-existing medical condition of an employee helps the businesses to reduce the risk factors and it also helps them in lowering the workers’ compensation and general disability claims.

·        Medical tests help ensure the long-term health of employees, particularly those who may be exposed to potentially harmful substances or hazardous working conditions.

·        These health packages can be considered to be an effective safeguard against the financial compensation that a company might be incurred with. Moreover, this sort of package is a comprehensive approach toward encouraging a company culture which gives due attention to the employee's health, wellness and productivity.

·        If a company is conducting a pre-employment medical testing that matches those demands, it can easily determine whether employees can safely perform a job, reducing insurance claims, lost time and related medical costs.

·        The health check is also a brilliant way to be in sync with the latest with current laws and regulations.

The Pre-Employment Medical Assessments are not only important but also a must for any business which is hiring employees for their business. The most important factor to consider is that you Pre-Employment medical tests are conducted by professionals who ensure the accuracy of the test and also offer a complete range of all types of Medical Assessments under the relevant Medical examination laws.

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