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PET CT Scan - Positron Emisision Tomography

What is a PET Scan?

PET CT scan is the latest imaging technology which uses positron emmision for creating images. PET CT scan is used for early detection of problems such as cancer, when they are more treatable. Other imaging technologies such as MRI scan or CT scan cannot give that level of detailed reporting.
PET scan uses radiotracers, a radioactive checmical given in small amounts, to tracer the problem areas. It can diagnose even the minutest effected areas. A special camera develops the images of body parts under scanning.

PET-CT scan can be used to detect -

Cancer in early stage
Stage in which cancer currently is
Detects if the cancer has effected other parts of body also
Checks for the effect of chemotherapy
Determines if the cancer has redeveloped after treatment
Determines blood flow to the heart muscle
Effect of stroke of parts of heart
Evaluate brain abnormalities and disorders
PSMA (prostate specific membrane antigen) PET scan is used to gide the treatment of prostate cancer

PET CT Scan Procedure

PET scan uses radiotracers to create images. Radiotracer is a radioactive medicine used to create images of structure of the organ as well as functioning of that organ.This radiotracer is commonly known as FDG or fluorodeoxyglucose and hence the scan is also know as FDG pet scan.
Radiotracer is injected in the body either through an injection or is swallowed or inhaled. This medicine accumulates in the area of body that is to be diagnosed. Radioactive chemical emits gamma rays and the places where intensity of gamma rays is highest are called hot spots, the places where intensity is low are called cold spots.

Time for the procedure

It takes almost 60 mins for the radiotracer to be absorbed by the organ. Patient is asked to rest quietly without any movement and talking. After 60 mins, patient is moved to the PET scanner.
It takes around 30 minutes in imaging. Hence total time this procedure takes is normally 90 mins.
After the procedure is done, radiologist may ask you to wait for some time to see if the images are clear.

Preparation For PET CT Scan

Following preparations are needed before going for a PET scan

Min 6 hours of fasting or overnight fasting is preferred for better results
Diabetic patients must consult with the doctor before going for PET scan

Serum and creatinine tests must be done to know the levels before going for scan. In case of high levels, patient must consult with their doctor.

Patient must carry records if their is any history of medication, surgery, biopsy etc

Results Of PET CT Scan

Images obtained are interpreted. Detailed report is created by the radiologist and sent to the physian.

After The Scan

Due to the radioactive nature of the medicine it eventually decays. Patient can carry out day to day normal activities after the scan.
In case if doctor has asked for any special precautions, patient should take care accordingly.
It is recommended to drink plenty of water to flush the radioactive medicine from the body.

PET CT SCAN Price In Delhi-NCR/Noida/Gurgaon/Hyderabad/Mumbai/ Prabhadevi/Jaipur/Aurangabad

Cost Of PET CT Scan


3H Price

Cost Of PET CT Scan In Delhi

Rs 17,499

Rs 9,999

Cost Of PET CT Scan In Mumbai

Rs 23,000

Rs 9.999

Cost Of PET CT Scan In Noida

Rs 17,499

Rs 9.999

Cost Of PET CT Scan In Gurgaon

Rs 17,499

Rs 9.999

Cost Of PET CT Scan In Prabhadevi Mumbai

Rs 23,000

Rs 9.999

Cost Of PET CT Scan In Hyderabad

Rs 23,000

Rs 9.999

Cost Of PET CT Scan In Aurangabad

Rs 18,000

Rs 12,000

Cost Of PET CT Scan In Jaipur

Rs 18,000

Rs 12,000

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