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Magnesium - What are the Warning Signs of this Deficiency?

Magnesium Deficiency

Have you ever experienced weakness? Did abnormal heart beats ever bother you? Have you ever got stuck because of the muscle spasms? Did you ever feel uneasy because of the eye twitches? Did you ever stop for a moment wondering these to be the result of low Magnesium?

Low Magnesium can cause various diseases like:

1. Depression

2. Sleeping problems

3. Cluster headaches

4. Migraine

5. Osteoporosis

6. Hypertension

7. Asthma

8. Chronic fatigue syndrome


10. Premenstrual syndrome

11. Cardiac arrhythmias

12. Coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis

How would you get to know that your Magnesium level is low?

Let’s find an answer to this- 

Consistent Headaches-Magnesium deficiency causes constant headaches. How should you differentiate between a normal headache and a headache caused by the deficiency of the Magnesium? The headaches caused due to the improper quantity of Magnesium in the body are extreme and is like a Migraine. If the frequency of your Migraine has increased, try to eat Magnesium rich food.


Prone to Injury-The bones function appropriately if the amount of Magnesium in the body is suffice. If there is a lack of Magnesium in the body, your muscles become weak making you prone to injury.


Often Muscle Cramps-Magnesium deficiency muscle cramps happen because Magnesium is responsible for relaxation of the muscles. Though symptom of Potassium deficiency is also muscular cramps but these often occur due to the deficiency of Magnesium.


Hypertension-or high blood pressure is the outcome of the deficiency of Magnesium. A research was done in Harvard on more than 70,000 people and the conclusion stated that the people who in took a lot of Magnesium did not have the problem of high blood pressure.


Sleep disorders-Low Magnesium levels have drastic impact on the sleep. When ones startsin taking Magnesium, the sleep of an individual improves. Magnesium helps in the relaxation of the brain as well as the body.

Brain comprises of the GABA receptors responsible for calming the nerves of the brain. Being the neurotransmitter of the brain, GABA receptors hamper the transmission in the brain. Magnesium plays an important role for proper functioning of the brain.


Drained of energy-Cells derive the maximum energy from ATP, adenosine triphosphate and for the cells to remain active, it is necessary for ATP to bind with the ion Magnesium. Without Magnesium, you wouldn’t be having energy at all. Resultantly, you would feel tired, fatigued, not possessing any energy for the work,etc.


Hormonal issues-Lower the Magnesium, higher is the hormone, Estrogen or Progesterone, in the body. Higher levels of these hormones and lower levels of Magnesium cause muscle cramps. During the menstrual cycle, if you experience the muscle cramps then you are low on Magnesium. The Magnesium deficiency treatment isn’t required in all the cases. Supplements like Chocolate can be beneficial.


What should you do? First and the foremost you need to get your blood test done for getting your body’s Magnesium level checked. You can eat Magnesium rich food or the supplements. You should refer to the doctor if the level of the Magnesium is extremely low. Get yourself checked soon and Keep smiling for a healthy living!!

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