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Does Loneliness Run in the Families?

Loneliness Run in the Families

Do you feel no one understands you? Do you feel you can’t rely on anyone for sharing your joys and sorrows? Do you feel all alone? Did you for once think about it to be a result of poor health and inherited genes? If not, it’s time for you to know the reasons behind your loneliness to be able to overcome the same.

Loneliness is the result of poor physical as well as mental health. The journal of Neuropsychopharmacology stated that having a pessimistic approach consistently is responsible for causing loneliness. Have you ever felt like running away from everyone? Has the thought of committing suicide ever struck your mind? These and many more are the symptoms related to depression? Such symptoms for a long time also result in loneliness.

Can genes also be a cause? A research was done on 10,000 people and the analysis stated loneliness to be a partial result of genetics. If two people possess the same number of friends and a similar situation, one being happier than the other reveals genetics to be the cause of loneliness.

How should you overcome chronic loneliness? What should you do when feeling lonely in a relationship? What to do when depressed and lonely? Do these questions bother you? Life is not bed of roses for anyone and to overcome the thorns one has to put in hard work. Loneliness would give rise to the inner voices stating you are not liked by anyone and that you are not loved by anyone. Don’t pay heed to these voices. Gather courage to tell these voices that these are stated by your enemy and not by you. You should not panic if while counter attacking you find these voices to be overtaking you as this might just be a phase before the weakening of these voices begin. Finally, your efforts will bear fruit and these voices will become weak and ultimately, vanish.

How important are the Inner voices? Loneliness and depression would make you hear sentences like “the most unwanted person is you and that you need tostay away from everyone” and many more. Keep reminding yourself that it’s untrue and finally, a time would come when you’ll manage to overcome all such feelings-a smile with a contented look that you have done it, you have succeeded in overcoming your loneliness!!

What to do when depressed and lonely? Tell yourself, “I’m feeling lonely and I’m not going to run away!! I’m going to meet people.” Go out in the public, interact with the people and if you are unable to meet people, log into Facebook or social networking sites to interact with the people.

How should you overcome chronic loneliness? Break ups, separations, jobs lost, friendship broken, less marks and many more can be the causes of depression. Irrespective of no eye contact, being in public can be exceedingly helpful. At every stage it is necessary to leave the house and be among the people to be able to overcome the loneliness.

Volunteering yourself for doing charitable work, be it helping the children and poverty stricken people or providing psychological help to the people triggers relief. Happiness is the key to living. Don’t let loneliness take over your happiness. Take appropriate steps. Also get thyroid test done as at times thyroid deficiency can also be the cause!!

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