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It's Monsoon!! - Dos and Don'ts for staying Healthy

It's Monsoon!! - Dos and Don'ts for staying Healthy

Looks like the monsoon is finally here. It may be a beauty watching through a window while you’re sipping on your morning coffee from the comfort of your home or office. Are you ready to face the rain in all its glory? From traffic jams, to illnesses, from beautiful rainbows, to a respite from the tropical summers, it has its pros and cons. unfortunately, the cool, damp weather becomes favorable for the growth of the germs that cause Typhoid, Dengue, Diarrhea, Dysentery and Stomach flu. Elders as well as children are more often prone to such infectious diseases. Those people suffering from Heart diseases or Diabetes Mellitus or Lung infections and Rheumatism are more vulnerable to the infectious diseases.

Are you aware of some health care tips during monsoon? Here I am going to attempt to provide you with a comprehensive guide of dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind to make the most of this wonderful season.


1. Increase the Water Intake

Monsoon is the time when you should drink lots and lots of water to keep your body hydrated. You might be wondering the reason behind it, well let me tell you, your body heat has to be dispersed from your body in some way, since you don’t sweat much during the monsoon seasons so drinking more water will drain your body heat and other toxics. Hence, leaving behind a healthy body with fewer toxins.

2. Eat Healthy

Having a balanced diet during the monsoon is the best way to keep all the nutrients in your body. It is advised that you should eat only when you feel hungry and should not do any kind of over eating especially in monsoon as it can lead to problems like indigestion. You should include fruits like Cherries, Bananas and Apples in your daily diet.

3. Wash Vegetables before Consuming

Washing your vegetables before preparing them is the best way you can save yourselves from the bacteria and germs which might be present in your vegetables. Leafy vegetables should be washed well before cooking. Also it is better if you eat only freshly prepared food and vegetables.

4. Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

With Monsoons come many Mosquitoes, Flies and other insects whose presence can infect your body that can lead to diseases like Malaria and Dengue. Get fever panel test done from 3HCare and keep diseases like Dengue at bay.

5. Keep Foot wears and Clothes Clean

You should regularly wash your clothes during monsoon. Also, you should never wear wet clothes or wet shoes as these can lead to serious infections.

6. Regularly Wash your Eyes

Eye problems like the dryness; eyes styes are the common diseases which people get during the monsoon, people should wash their eyes regularly so as to prevent these diseases. Also, you should avoid sharing of towels or handkerchiefs as these could be the sources of major infections


1. Say No To Eating Outside

Monsoon is the time when most people get ill and the reason for their illness is eating something unhygienic. If you avoid eating the junk food from outside, then this sacrifice of your can simply improve your health.

2. Don't ignore skin problems

There is a lot more to take care of your skin this monsoon as dust particles easily settle on your skin which eventually damages your regular soft.

3. Avoid certain foods

There are certain foods that should be avoided in rainy season like sprouts, raw vegetables and sour foods. Heavy grains such as Bajra and Ragi should also be avoided. You should also limit the intake of food with high water content such as rice, muskmelon, and lassi during monsoon.

4. Avoid walking barefoot

Do not walk barefoot, especially if you are a Diabetic, as it might increase the chances of infection.

5. Don’t let water stagnate

Don’t let water stagnate in your neighborhood as they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
You should enjoy the monsoon season but should definitely take care of yourselves at the same time. Get regular health packages done from 3HCare to stay healthy this monsoon.

In the nutshell, while keeping all this in mind, don’t forget the rains only come for a little while, so make the most of it, as they can be so oh-so-refreshing for a soul weary of summer!

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