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What's The Impact of Dengue Fever on the Liver?

Impact of Dengue Fever on liver

Concerned about the risk of getting Dengue fever? Suffered from Dengue? Is there a possibility for your getting Dengue again? Does Dengue really affect your liver? Read to know the answers.

Dengue is a major disease being faced by the countries having favourable environmental conditions for the germination of the female mosquito, Aedes aegypti.After consuming the infected blood, the mosquito becomes the bearer of the virus Dengue and transmits the same to other human beings. Since four types of Dengue viruses exist, therefore, there are likely chances of a person affected by dengue once to get affected by dengue again. True, body does develop immunity to one particular type of Dengue when suffered from the sameyet one may further get the disease if bitten by the mosquito bearing one of the other three viruses of Dengue.

Our liver comprises of the enzymes, AST and ALT. These enzymes play a vital role in metabolising amino acid.The Dengue virus triggers the inflammation causing the injury of the parenchyma, functional cells of Liver. This results in release of ASL and ALT into the blood stream.

A study of 336 patients suffering from Dengue was carried out. Patients comprising of two or more out of the following symptoms-vomiting, skin rash, fever, cephalea, arthralgias were expected to be suffering from dengue. These patients were tested for the blood count as well as the aminotransferase determinations. They were tested for these with two varied tests between the seventh and the eleventh day, post the symptoms were seen.The patients with both the reports positive were assured of being infected with Dengue. People with both the reports negative didn’t have Dengue and people with one positive and one negative report were asked to get the test done once again.

The effect on the Liver was checked of the patients suffering from Dengue. As per the AST and ALT levels found in the blood group, the patients were segregated into four categories-The first category comprised of the people with normal levels of AST and ALT.The second category had patients whose either ALT or AST was three times higher than the normal value. The third category included the patients whose value was 3 to 10 times higher than the normal value. Patients with value more than 10 were put in the fourth category. These patients were further evaluated for Hepatitis A, B and C.This reveals that the amount of AST and ALT varied as per the type of Dengue.

In a nutshell, 61.4% Patients suffering from Dengue had high aminotransferases and 76.2% cases of Dengue had abnormally high aminotransferases .This reveals that Dengue for sure increases the aminotransferases and in certain cases causes Hepatitis. The amount of damage being caused to the Liver depends on the type of Dengue. People suffering from primary Dengue infection were more liable to the liver damage than the ones suffering from DHF, Dengue haemorrhagicfever. Therefore, it is exceedingly important for the patients suffering from Dengue to get the liver test done for eliminating the risk the Liver may face. Don’t forget to schedule your LFT, Liver functioning test, while being down with Dengue.

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