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If You Sleep On This Side of the Body, Your Life Shortens For 15 Years

Sleep Side

How are you feeling this morning? Properly rested? Or getting heartburn and stomach ache? Happy with your sleep to be able to carry on the next day delightfully?

Do these questions perturb you when you get up with a hand on your stomach or a heart complaining a pain? Good sleep is a precious gift necessary for a sound mental wellbeing. Improper sleep makes you get upset rapidly. Though as per the recommendation of the National sleep foundation, every adult should sleep for at least seven to eight hours yet it seems impossible for many of us. So, make your sleep perfect for as many hours as you wish to sleep by overcoming your Sleep difficulty by adopting the correct sleep position.

Undoubtedly, Sleeping is extremely essential for the proper functioning of the body and the brain. Each one of us needs a break from our daily functioning and rest from our monotonous routine. Therefore, proper sleep at night is very important for maintaining a sound health. Your body’s position while sleeping plays a vital role in determining a good night’s rest. Dr.John Dillard, former director of player development belonging to the NBA team of New Jersey Nets has revealed the proper position of the body while sleeping to be able to attain a good night’s sleep and not let your life get shortened. Read to find the essential position for your body while sleeping.

Sleeping on the right side increases the chances of your getting indigestion and heartburn. This is because the gastric juices and the acids released from the stomach advance towards the oesophagus, the tube carrying food from the mouth down to the stomach. This increases the possibility of your getting a heartburn and acid reflex. Hence, sleeping on the right side is harmful for your lymphatic system, a part of your body’s immune and circulatory systems. When you sleep on your left side, you give a chance to your digestive system to digest the food appropriately while you sleep. This is because sleeping on the left makes the glucose, protein and other necessary elements enter your lymphatic system faster making your heart and spleen remain healthy.

Proper sleep is the best meditation”-Dalai Lama. If you’ve spent major portion of your life thinking your meditation is the best by sleeping on the right side, now is the apt time for you to meditate properly by sleeping on the left side!!

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