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Facebook-Is It Bad or Good for Your Health?

Facebook - Bad or Good for Your Health?

Can you think of a day when you were without Facebook? A day when you had many other interesting things to do rather than checking your notifications? Jealousy, complicated relationships, addiction, getting hurt often-are these the gifts you’ve received from Facebook? If yes, it’s time to think whether Facebook is bad for your mental health or not?

Are you turned into a jealous type of a person? Anxiousness and deprsssion caused by Facebook are linked to jealousy. By seeing the timelines of the friends one often gets the feeling of jealousy for not being as presentable as the friends. Wanting appreciation makes one change the timelines with better appearances. This is simply hunting for applause. We are back to our question-Is Facebook good or bad? Hasn’t an addictive cycle been created by the Facebook? Research of a German University revealed that 1000 users of the Facebook suffered from extensive enviousness.

Are you on a self-respect’s Roller Coaster? Do you actually reveal what you are on Facebook? Does that lovely pic of yours with beautiful scenery reveal the entire elation of your trip? Or does it somewhere hide the hurdles faced? A survey of HTC stated that enormous people make their posts appear to be exceedingly interesting while the reality speaks just the contrary. This brings us back to the most important question-Is Facebook good or bad for the society? There certainly is a lot of difference between the way real life is lead and the way timelines reflect leading the life to be.

Can addiction of Facebook be compared to the addiction of the Drugs? Do you find a person being addicted to tea different than a person being addicted to watching varied videos? The research says that the addiction of Facebook is equivalent to the addiction of drugs; the only difference is that the Facebook users can handle their behaviour but the drug addicts can’t handle their behaviour.

Facebook good or bad debate brings us back to the question-Does receiving one more friend request bring one more smile to you? Research reveals the increase in the number of friends increases the stress level. Surprised? Cortisol is a stress hormone. Higher the Cortisol level, the more is the stress. The further outcome of higher level of Cortisol is shrinkage of the brain causing reduction in the production of the brain cells. Once the formation of the brain cells get impacted, the decision making gets hampered and the level of concentration deteriorates.

Is Facebook good or bad for the students? Should Facebook be banned at work? And many more questions are being discussed every day. Answer to all your questions is given by the Think Tank. They conducted a research and found people without Facebook account to be much happier than the ones with the Facebook account.

All that matters is a happy and a healthy life. So keep yourself happy and get regular health tests done for keeping yourself healthy. Remember “it is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”

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