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Diagnostic Equipment Companies India

“Prevention is better than cure.” Getting the regular health check-up done is extremely important for staying healthy. The healthcare industry has spread this message in rural as well as the urban areas of India. Also, encouragement of the government for setting up the healthcare centres has brought an increase in the number of the healthcare setups. Resultantly, the awareness about getting regular health check-ups done for an  early detection of the disease has considerably gone up. Undoubtedly, the need for the diagnostic centres has risen leading to the growth of the diagnostic companies in India.

Diagnostic Companies In India

diagnostic equipment companies in India


Diagnostic companies prepare the diagnostic test kits for helping diagnose various fatal as well as non-fatal diseases like HIV, HCV, HIC, Malaria and many more. Ministry of health, medical colleges, enormous research and development institutions, corporate hospitals, laboratories and many more approach the diagnostic companies for attaining the appropriate diagnostic kits.

Manufacturing -an important decision

Does 10% of the population being unwell reveal that the 90 percent of the population does not need any health check-up? Certainly not. In fact, 90 percent of the population demands reliable, accurate and timely reports of the diagnostic tests. For meeting these requisites, most of the diagnostic companies have started manufacturing kits rather than importing kits, becoming the diagnostic manufacturing companies from importing diagnostic companies.

Reasons for producing the equipment

The government’s support to the public private partnership and encouragement to the foreign direct investment have increased the number of new diagnostic companies in India. The stable economy of India has made the domestic and the international companies acquire easily accessible devices and R and D facilities for producing equipment to become the diagnostic equipment companies in India.

Premier Diagnostic Company

Though there are many top diagnostic companies in India yet SRL ltd. is the largest player in the $1.8 Indian diagnostics’ industry. The company covering 700 districts in India possesses the biggest infrastructure with 230 diagnostic labs, 4000 collection points and 12 huge reference labs .It is expected to attain the revenue of about Rs. 700 crore. The company’s staff has been equipped with the infrastructure for getting the sample collected from any district in India within six hours.

Future Scope

The future scope of the medical diagnostic companies in India is immense. Revisiting of certain government policies can change the mind-set of certain global clinicians to accept ‘made in India’ tag making the further journey of the leading diagnostic companies in India a sweeter one!!

We are a one stop destination for helping you choose your desired diagnostic company from a list of the diagnostic companies in India.

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