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One Stop For All Diagnostic, Pathology Testing Needs in Delhi

diagnostic and pathology tests in Delhi


There are enormous diagnostic labs in Delhi. The reach is immense because of the efficient network of labs. Providing excellent quality and accurate lab tests at affordable prices is a challenge being undertaken by many pathology labs. Ethicality, morality and appreciable value systems build indispensable trust among the patients. Premier manpower makes the functioning of the labs appropriate by maintaining an environment comfortable for the patients.

Looking for a comfortable, affordable environment near your house for getting your tests done? 3HCare provides you with the critical information important for screening the diagnostic centres.  For making you reach the pathology lab without any inconvenience, we provide you with the access to the Google maps. This makes locating the place easier for you. Knowing about the reputation of the lab helps develop the faith of the patient. Therefore, we make reviews of the labs accessible to you. You may even write a review post yourself. Pictures and links are excessively beneficial for enabling your access to the various test packages of heart, diet, exercise, blood pressure, lung, sugar monitors and many others. Does the lab have a free sample pick up? All you need to do is refer to the link. Possession of specific equipment of distinguishing labs makes the diagnostic easier. Looking for the details of the equipment and ownership of the lab? We being a one stop source for all your lab needs, provide you with the list of all the certified diagnostic centres in Delhi as well as NCR.Our elaboration about all the other aspects help you check the credentials of the diagnostic centre as reliability is imperative for every individual.

Is your pocket not allowing you to get the compulsory tests done? Don’t get perturbed. You can get enormously expensive tests done at diagnostic centres under CGHS. The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) has approved certain diagnostic centres for providing tests at a reasonable cost. For deciding your diagnostic centres under CGHS in Delhi as well as NCR, you may refer to the list provided by us.

Saral diagnostic centre in Delhi offers exclusive Elastography test for assessing Liver and Breast.500 Slice CT scanners help Saral conduct lung nodule assessment along with the follow up. This makes Saral a premier diagnostic centre with an excellent system of accreditation. Additionally, SRL Diagnostic centres in Delhi also provide cutting edge services. This makes SRL a top notch centre. We are equipped with the meticulous information about these diagnostic centres.

3H Healthcare

Looking for a well renowned doctor? Does the hospital have an endocrinologist? Don’t know which hospital to approach for a specific doctor? Which Diagnostic centre would be appropriate for me? Under one roof, we provide you with the list of the certified hospitals, doctors and diagnostic centres in Delhi and NCR. 

3h healthcare is one stop destination for providing you with the information about all the certified doctors, hospitals and diagnostic centres.

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