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MRI Scan in Delhi NCR

What is MRI Scan?

Test Type – Radiology Test
MRI scan or magnetic resonance imaging uses magnetic field and radio waves to create clear images of the body parts that are to be diagnosed. No radiations are involved in it and hence no negative effects have been diagnosed as yet. Doctors recommend 3 Tesla or 1.5 Tesla contrast or without contrast MRI depending on the level of detail needed in the scanning.

What MRI can diagnose?

MRI can diagnose brain tumor symptoms and dementias, sport injuries, musculoskeletal problems, pelvic problems, knee injuries, neck, spinal conditions and other abnormalities. EEG tests can also be performed using MRI scanning.
  • Brain Cancer
  • Knee Injury
  • Hip Pain
  • Abdominal Pain and more ..
Procedure –
  • Patient is asked to lie down on a table and table slides into the MRI machine
  • Patient should stay still during the scan. This is important for generating clear images
  • Strong magnetic field is generated by a large tube like structure
  • Expert takes several images of the part that is to be diagnosed


  • There should be no metal objects with the patient in the MRI room as metal object can interfere with the magnetic field.
  • Remove any electronic object such as mobile phone or tab
  • Patient should not have any metal implants in their body
  • In case of pregnancy, you should inform your doctor
  • Avoid any body movements during the scan
  • Consult your doctor in case of any special preparations, if needed

Types of MRI Scan

3T MRI, 1.5 T MRI, plain or contrast MRI. Cost of MRI differs based on the type of MRI and also from one lab to other.
Test Duration – 15 mins to 90 mins depending on the size of the part to be scanned and number of images to be generated
Receipt of Test Report – Within couple of hours of scan or same day
Cost of same type of MRI scan differs from one lab to other depending on the reputation of lab and quality of machines and several other factors. With 3H Care you can be sure that you get best prices for your scan anywhere in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and NCR.
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