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How to Put an End to Misbehaviors of Your Children

Has your kid ever broken a rule? Have you ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation because of your kid? Did you let yourself compromise to some extent while handling your child’s misbehavior? Or were you able to put an end to the misbehavior of your child? Read to know the methods to be adopted for putting an end to the misbehavior of your child.

As is appropriately said, “Action speaks louder than the words.” The child’s behavior reflects the child’s thinking. When the child misbehaves, it becomes necessary for you to decide the appropriate action to be taken but at times, the childisn’t able to express himself/herself in words. Resultantly, it becomes more important for you to extract the information from the child to be able to understand his/her reasons for misbehaving  before deciding the next course of action for his/her misbehavior.

Attention Seekers

Don’t we often feel we aren’t being paid attention to? Same is the case with the kids too. When they feel elders aren’t paying sufficient attention towards them, they start misbehaving. This misbehavior is actually a craving for attention. The child gets a feeling of loneliness when you are busy talking on the phone, interacting with the relatives or friends or doing household chores. Shouting, whimpering and hitting other children are the signs of attention seekers.

How should you deal with this? Eliminating negativity and enforcing positivity is the best solution in this case. Enhance your interaction with the child through playing, talking and giving him/her the well-deserved attention.


Everyone in his/her life has imitated someone or the other, isn’t it? But imitation among children makes children learn misbehavior. A child may imitate a misbehaved child being attended to in the school or at other places. Though unknowingly yet this inculcates misbehavior. Discourage the habit of imitating.

Unable to control the feelings

Haven’t we all faced stresses yet handled ourselves? When kids get angry, they become easily disturbed which could lead to aggression in them. They may act aggressively because of being stressed.

Life isn’t bed of roses. Being a parent you are responsible for teaching the ways to your child to handle disappointments, refusals, fear, problems etc. Teaching various healthy ways for managing the feelings and emotions is entirely your responsibility. Next time if you face an aggression, ignore it temporarily but remind yourself of teaching a better way to your child to handle the situation. Management of emotions is only possible if the child knows controlling his/her emotions.

Liking independence

Are rules made to be broken? Why do kids do so? Simple, to attain independence. To assert their independence, kids generally break rules and misbehave. Sometimes kids misbehaving in public become a common sight. Teens sometimes become rebellious to show their parents that they don’t need anybody’s guidance especially the parents’ guidance.

Parents need to teach them very patiently that they need to develop discipline and guidance because kids are very immature to think of these things to be very important for leading a healthy and successful life.

What’s your instant reaction after seeing your child lose temper and misbehave? Punishing the child, isn’tit? Don’t you consider this to be the best way to tackle the misbehavior of the child? But the fact is that the punishment rarely teaches proper behavior. Instead of punishing if you make your child understand the drastic outcomes without hurting his/her feelings or scolding him/her in public, it is more likely to prompt good behavior in the child.

Also, if you feel or find out that your kid may be suffering from mental health problems or any other mental health issue, talk to a pediatrician. A proper check up by a skilled and experienced health professional is required to determine underlying mental health issues causing behavioral problems.

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