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Warning Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

Good health is composed of fit physical appearance and strong mental strength.  To ensure good health, one has to complement the body with ample healthy food, containing all vitamins and minerals. It is the deficiency of nutrients and lack of a complete diet which result in weakness and complications in the body. One of the very important nutrient for leading a healthy lifestyle is Vitamin D. The absence of Vitamin D in optimum levels can pose serious threat to the body especially the bones. Let us find out the deficiency symptoms first.

Signs and symptoms of Vitamin-D deficiency.

Muscle weakness or spasm

When metabolized, Vitamin D enters the human body through muscle cells. As a result, there is an in increased muscle contraction. In terms of significance, this contraction prevents the body from falls. Muscle weakness begins at a very slow pace and in a subtle manner especially in the initial phase. Eventually, it can have damaging effects in the body.

Body pain

It goes without saying that the body is going to have insufficient amount of Vitamin D in the body can result in body pain. According to research, Vitamin D is the key component of our body that successfully reduces the risk of fibromyalgia – chronic condition of body-wide pain.

Pain in muscle or bones

A pain in the muscles or bones indicates the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body which results in osteoporosis. The deficiency triggers an inadequacy in putting calcium into the collagen matrix into the bone structure. As a result the body experiences pain and fatigue.

Inability to climb stairs or getting up from the floor

Because of weak bone structure, the body gives in to even the basic activities like climbing the staircase as people with low Vitamin D levels find it cumbersome to climb staircases or cross the floor. The unbearable pain only adds to their woes.

Stress fractures

It has been observed that people struggling with Vitamin D deficiency can absorb only 10-15% of calcium from the diet and 50-60% of phosphorous from the diet. Such low levels of calcium absorption in the body decreases the bone mineralization process. It is the reason why most people complaining stress fractures have insufficient Vitamin D levels.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is also one of the warning signs of Vitamin D deficiency. The human body produces peptide through a complicated enzymatic process. It is the peptide which is responsible for an increased blood pressure through artery constriction and retaining sodium and water.

Weight gain

It must be brought to knowledge that Vitamin D is a fat-soluble. In other words, the fat in the body acts like a store house by collecting it. Therefore, an overweight person with high BMI is likely to need a lot more Vitamin D as compared to a person of slimmer frame.

If a person is experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms then they are advised to go for a Vitamin D test and if need be, take suitable Vitamin D deficiency treatment after consultation with the doctor.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms, Causes And Health Risks

vitamin D deficiency symptoms and causes

Importance Of Vitamin D For Our Body

Vitamin D has a lot of health benefits ranging from making the bones and muscles stronger to lowering the blood pressure. Wondering how your body produces Vitamin D? Simple!! When your body gets exposed to the sunlight, Vitamin D gets produced. Vitamin D is also naturally found in certain foods like fish, fish’s liver oil, egg yolks and dairy and grain products.

Vitamin D is extremely beneficial for the bones as it keeps the bones strong by letting the body use Calcium from the diet. Low vitamin D levels can cause rickets, a disease in which proper mineralization of the bone tissue doesn’t happen making the bones soft and skeletal deformities. Therefore, Vitamin D plays a major role in preventing many health problems.

Causes of Vitamin D deficiency

Why does the body become deficient in Vitamin D? This is because

You don’t get yourself exposed to the sunlight as much as required

Your body produces Vitamin D when your skin gets exposed to the sunlight. How does your skin become deficient in Vitamin D? If you have the kind of a job that prevents you from being exposed to the sunlight, you could suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

Your consumption of the recommended levels of Vitamin Dis not up to the mark

Most of the sources of Vitamin D are animal based. These include fish, fish oils, beef’s liver, egg yolks and fortified milk. If you don’t consume these, you are likely to get the deficiency of Vitamin D.

You have a Dark Skin

Even if your skin gets exposed to the sunlight yet your body has the pigment called the Melanin, it would result in the reduction of the production of Vitamin D in your body.

Your Kidneys are unable to convert Vitamin D into its active form

It’s necessary for the kidneys to convert Vitamin D into its active form and if kidneys fail to do so, it causes Vitamin D deficiency.

Your digestive tract is unable to absorb Vitamin D

Certain diseases like cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease and celiac disease have the potential to impact the ability of your intestine to absorb Vitamin D from the food being eaten by you.

You are obese

Fat cells play a vital role in extracting Vitamin D from the blood. This alters the release of Vitamin D into your blood circulation. People with body mass index of 30 or more than it have less level of Vitamin D.

Symptoms and Health Risks of Vitamin D deficiency

When your bones start paining and your muscles start feeling weak, it reveals that you are suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin D. Increased blood pressure and depression are also the complications of the deficiency of Vitamin D. Though at times Vitamin D deficiency symptoms may not be prevalent yet your body not possessing enough Vitamin D can cause the following side effects to your health. The blood samples of certain people having low levels of vitamin were collected and it revealed that they could suffer from the following diseases

  •         Inability to fight cancer
  •         Cardiovascular disease
  •         Severe Asthma
  •         Cognitive impairment

The findings of the research reveal that many diseases can be prevented as well as cured with the help of Vitamin D. Some of these diseases are diabetes-type 1 and type 2, hypertension, glucose intolerance and multiple sclerosis.

Ensure that you get the exact amount of Vitamin D required for you to remain happy and healthy. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you should go for a vitamin D test. You can also go for advanced vitamin profile package to find out overall vitamin health profile.

Read Rohit’s Story to Know How his Relationships Helped hHim Cope with his Depression

vitamin D and thyroid deficiency

I was undergoing depression and I just couldn’t speak to anyone openly about it. It needed a lot of courage. I suffered from depression for almost 4 years and I finally gathered the courage to tell the people about it.

Gathering the strength to speak-How did I manage to get the strength to speak about it? It was difficult but with the help and support ofmy friends and family members I am able to speak about what I went through and how disheartening and distressful it really was.

I would like to mention one specific relationship I had which made me overcome all my hurdles. My friend, Dalzy and I spent ample time sharing anxieties of each other. We even managed to laugh at the times we were distressed or facing difficulties.

There were manier times when I had a real tough time with the weird thoughts distorting my mental psyche but during all those times Dalzy was always there by my side listening to and resolving my issues optimistically.

Over a period of time my thoughts became so depressing that they would eat me up and made me restless but I was thankful to Dalzy, a friend, who always understood me and never left my side. He would talk to me and help me overcome all my anxieties to be able to overcome my dark thoughts.

Whenever things would become extremely wrong, I would rely on Dalzy and call him for a cup of coffee. He would readily have coffee with me and make me at ease. Thoughts like being the most unwanted creature on this earth would also get vanished in his company in a spur of the moment.

I never had the courage to share with him the depression I was going through but I always found him to be there with me for helping me. He has always been a support irrespective of the bad times I have had. My consistent battle with depression was never easy but having him was always a blessing in disguise.

Remain in touch with your friends- My suggestion to the ones suffering from depression is only one and that is, to be always in touch with your friends because they would always understand. They would understand your trouble, what you go through and how difficult it really is. They would always and always provide a helping hand you would never want to leave. Chatting and talking to your friends is exceedingly beneficial for overcoming your depression. So, when you are depressed, talk to a friend of yours about it.

Irrespective of your journey to be full of darkness, a good friend would always help you!! Isn’t it appropriately said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed!!”

Depression may even be because of the deficiency of vitamin D and Thyroid as these two deficiencies are linked to depression. Remember!! Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, get timely diagnosis of both the diseases done before it’s too late!!

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