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4D Ultrasound imaging: Mainly During Pregnancy: is it worth it?

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in the so-called 4D ultrasound image. The 4D ultrasound differs from 2D/3D images because it provides real-time streaming video of the area under study. To date, this technology is mainly used to create a fetal video for memory. Practice, although it is considered harmless, may deserve a closer inspection.

4d ultrasound cost in India displays the clinical data needed to determine the level of welfare and fetal growth, as 2D and 3D images do. Nevertheless, this gives an additional advantage of demonstrating the features of the child. This practice can have immediate advantages in that it can contribute to earlier parenting relationships and healthier maternal habits during pregnancy.

Despite the lack of evidence of any harm caused by ultrasonic images and heart rate monitors, the reasonable use of these devices by trained health care workers is important.

Long-term effects of heating and cavitation of tissues are unknown. Therefore, ultrasound scanning should only be carried out when there is a medical need based on a prescription and carried out by properly trained operators.

3D and 4D ultrasound examinations can detect some abnormalities that an expert may not notice during a two-dimensional ultrasound due to an unsuccessful angle of reflection of the waves. In addition, the 4D ultrasound examination makes it possible to detect problems in the work of the heart before birth - some diseases are visible only when observing the contractions of the heart and do not affect the structure of the organ.

The very procedure for conducting 4D ultrasound does not differ from the classical two-dimensional ultrasound. During the test, you can ask the doctor to record a disc that you can view at home on your computer or a normal DVD player.

It is necessary to prevent pregnant women from unauthorized appointment of their examinations - if the doctor does not refer you to 3D or 4d ultrasound cost in India, then there is no need to go through it yourself. Despite the fact that at present no harm is detected from ultrasound and this method is considered completely safe, additional examinations make mom nervous, which does not have a good effect on the child.

Do not also think that the traditional two-dimensional ultrasound is not very informative or morally obsolete. Currently, specialists have extensive experience working with a two-dimensional ultrasound study, which allows full and effective diagnosis using this method.

Three-dimensional ultrasound examination of the fetus is currently a highly informative diagnostic method, while absolutely safe for the mother and baby. In addition, 3D-ultrasound is painless, does not cause discomfort, does not require complex preparation and does not have any contraindications.

Future parents need to know that the most favorable time for successful research in the 3D / 4D mode is from 24 to 30 weeks.

A distinctive feature of 4D-ultrasound is the ability to compose a video clip from static 3D images distributed in time, instantly processed data represents an image in motion in real time. This version of visualization allows you to see a realistic picture of the fetus. Doctors and future parents can see the movements of the baby.

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