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Importance of preventive health checkup and tests it covers


Do you give yourself following excuses to avoid health checkups?

“I don’t need a health checkup as I am healthy”.

“I don’t have time to schedule a health check-up”.

“I don’t know which health packageI shouldopt for”

Does your busy schedule making you unfit?

Do office deadlines costing you your health?

Are you living your life at the cost of your health?

Our busy lifestyle does not permit us to stay healthy. It does not permit us to indulge in any physical activities; as a result many of us are suffering from chronic heart diseases, various hormonal imbalances, Diabetes, and mental disturbances. For example Cardiac arrest may be sudden but caused due to acquisition of cholesterol in blood vessels. Therefore it is pertinent to go for monthly or yearly preventive health package to keep all these diseases at bay.

How does regular preventive health package benefit your health?

The earlier your doctor finds out a certain condition and starts its treatment, better will be the chances that the treatment will be effective. Therefore, it is very important that you should schedule various tests like thyroid hormone test, healthy bones panel, healthy heart package etc on your list of preventive health checkups.

  •       Thyroid hormone test: This test is the most precise way to find out if you have any Thyroid related problem. Doctors recommend this test to measure the amount of TSH in the blood.
  •       Healthy heart package:Heart is one of the most crucial organs in our body as it is responsible for circulating blood through the body. Therefore, doctors recommend this test to find out Coronary Artery risks in a person.
  •       Healthy bones panel:  Strong bones are crucial to good health. Doctors recommend this test to individuals which are vulnerable to low mineral bone density.
  •       Dengue profile test: Dengue is caused by the viruses which are transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. Doctors recommend this test to an individual to check whether an individual with symptoms and current exposure to Dengue has been infected or not.
  •       Diabetic profile package: Diabetes is not an individual disease but a group of diseases caused by high level of sugar in blood either because the body is not able to produce sufficient Insulin or the body cells do not respond to the Insulin produced by the body. Doctors recommend this test to check the level of blood sugar in an individual.

Prevention is better than cure. Regular health checkups can help in detecting and diagnosing a fatal disease which may otherwise remain hidden inside the body. Along with improving your long-term health quality a regular health checkup also reduces your long-term healthcare costs.

So schedule your health checkup today from 3hcare as 3hcare brings you variety of preventive health packages at best prices. Get yourself early diagnosed and lead a happy and healthy life.

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