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Most Common Diagnostic Tests to Prevent Disease

When it comes to health, it is best not to risk it, so it is important to have regular check-ups and diagnostic tests to prevent future health problems and, if you have them, to be able to treat them immediately.

If you are looking for a trustworthy clinic, visit diagnostic labs in Delhi. These labs are famous for professional experts and advanced state-of-the-art machinery with which they carry out diagnostic tests.


What is preventive medicine and how does it influence your health

Preventive medicine is the branch that focuses on disease prevention in line with curative medicine, from which it cannot be separated. There are diseases that humans can contract more easily, either by location or by genetics.

Genetic or hereditary diseases that can be prevented with medical tests

There are certain diseases that can be passed from parents to children through DNA either from birth or over time, that are divided into three types depending on whether they affect one or more genes. To find out if you are susceptible to inheriting these disorders, it is necessary to carry out a genetic study that consists of a blood or tissue analysis.

Perhaps the most "visible" disease in prevention campaigns is cancer. It is a multifactorial disease in which genetic factors intervene -pro germline mutations in specific genes- and environmental factors. In other words, the genetic mutations that cause cancer are usually hereditary, although they can also occur due to the exposure of a family to a common external factor such as smoking.

If your family member has suffered or is suffering from cancer, the ideal is to carry out level 2 ultrasound, nuclear PET scan Delhi, MRI test or CT scan, according to age and rhythm of life to rule out this possibility and, if positive, start treatment as soon as possible. The most common inherited cancers are breast and ovarian cancer in women, or colorectal cancer, also called as Lynch syndrome.

Healthy habits to prevent disease

It may sound like a cliche but, practicing sports daily together with a balanced and healthy diet can prevent a large number of diseases, especially those that have to do with vitamin deficiencies or excess fats -cholesterol- in your body. If you agree to carry out a health check often, such as diagnostic tests, ultrasound test, PET CT scan or blood tests, you can prevent the appearance of diseases and treat them in time if they appear.

Most important diagnostic tests in preventive medicine

Some of the most common preventive medicine tests are mammograms, and ultrasounds, in the case of women, MRI test or 3D ultrasound plays an essential role in diagnosing anatomical abnormality invisible to the human eye.

Mammography is an essential test to detect breast cancer

Although it's a scary topic, experts recommend having an annual checkup and mammograms every two to three years, especially for all women between the ages of 40 and 60. Although they do not prevent breast cancer, mammograms can save lives because, if cancer is found early, it is easier to treat.

Ultrasound, a first medical evaluation of guarantees

A breast ultrasound, or sonography, is a noninvasive imaging test that detects lesions or tumors that mammography does not distinguish.

What results does an MRI offer us today?

MRI test in east Delhi is a radiological study whose objective is to obtain images using radio magnets and probes and, contrary to tomography or radiography, MRIs do not use radiation.

How Advanced Radiology Paved Way In Cancer Treatment?

Cancer is one of the leading deadly diseases that spread rapidly in our country as well as all over the world. Cancer is increasing, but there are promising new ways to strengthen diagnosis and treatment. Especially when diagnosed at an early stage, full success can be achieved in the treatment of many types of cancer. The share of high-tech devices in this success is huge.


Beam Treatment Makes a Smile Face

Radiotherapy is one of the fastest developing areas in the treatment of cancer in recent years. Thanks to targeted irradiation, the tumor can be completely destroyed with high doses of radiation, while critical organs and tissues are protected.

The dose given to the patient is reduced by a third in the truebeam device, which is beneficial in the treatment of all cancers, and this reduces the risk of radiation-induced secondary cancer.

Unlimited Treatment Is Provided

In radiosurgery, where surgical treatment is performed without scalpels, bloodless and rays, advanced technology gammaknife and cyberknife devices come to the fore. With the cyberknife (space scalpel), the first and only robotic radiosurgery system in the world, a spot impulse is imposed on the tumor with precise accuracy. This method, which is used as an alternative to surgery, can eliminate the malignant tumor just like surgery. It gives a hope to patients in tumor treatment that cannot be treated with conventional radiotherapy, require a complex operation or cannot be operated.

With the PET CT scan, the rays are focused focally on the brain and cancerous tissues in high doses. Normal tissues are largely protected from the effects of radiation.

MRI test in East Delhi is used in brain tumors, lung, prostate, head and neck and pancreatic cancers, and fewer metastases that cannot be treated with other methods.

Gamma Knife Is Being The Same Day Disclaimer

From brain tumors tovascular bundle cephalic nodes(smaller than 3.5 cm),both can be treated quickly in a single session.

Normal surrounding brain tissue is preserved. The patients can return home on the same day with gamma knife, which is applied for one session and does not require intensive care with anesthesia.

Breast Cancer Is Determining In An Early Stage

It is now possible to diagnose and treat breast cancer, one of the most common cancer types in women, at the earliest stage. Tomosynthesis mammography, 4d ultrasound in Delhi, vacuum biopsy, and MR-guided biopsy make improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Tomosynthesis mammography facilitates the detection of cancer and decreases unnecessary shooting, biopsy and surgery rates by increasing the opportunity to make a correct diagnosis. The nozzle is compressed less than normal mammography, thus providing shooting comfort. In nuclear PET Scan Delhi, no area of the breast is overlooked, and errors due to inexperienced practitioners are minimized.

Tissue Sample In 30 Seconds

Vacuum biopsy is the most advanced needle biopsy method. It is used only for the diagnosis of findings that can be detected in mammography and MRI test labs in Delhi. It stands out as the preferred method in biopsy of suspicious calcifications, which may be the earliest finding of breast cancer. The patient is not treated and does not feel pain. It is possible to take more tissue samples than other methods in about half a minute. Therefore, the chance of correct diagnosis is 97-100 percent.

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