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MRI Under Child Anesthesia: Is It Safe To Do This?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) - A procedure of studying the human body with the help of a magnetic field and radio waves. This is a non-invasive diagnosis without compromising the integrity of the skin. The device is based on a magnetic field, pulses that transmit information to the computer. Thanks to this device you can visualize the human body in three projections - axial, sagittal and coronal. In this article, we'll look at how MRI is done under anesthesia to a child.

The MRI test discount in Delhi procedure allows you to diagnose the following pathologies: anomalies of the brain, pituitary, abdominal and pelvic organs.

MRI of the brain in development

To obtain a clear image, the immobility of the patient being examined is a prerequisite. If a person has a clear consciousness and can follow the doctor's instructions during the survey, then no additional substances are used. Thus, it is possible to do MRI for children without anesthesia.

If the patient is sick and cannot stay in a stationary state for a long time, or the child is too small, then a medicinal dream is recommended. Use such types of general anesthesia: intravenous and endotracheal, mask or with a laryngeal mask.

The examination can be carried out in outpatient or inpatient settings. The patient is placed on a fixed table, and his body position is secured with the necessary belts and rollers. There are also individual wires and devices that are located around the circumference of the subject area of the body.

It is possible to use contrast for a better image of the investigated site. Before this, it is necessary to clarify the patient whether he is allergic reactions to iodine. Most often, the procedure uses a contrast substance gadolinium.

It is also essential to check the functional capacity of the kidneys before the test since, in the presence of renal failure, the contrast agent cannot be excreted. In this case, do not use contrast.

The substance is administered intravenously with a syringe or injector. Before use, determine the amount and speed of administration of the drug, which is synchronized with the work of the scanner. Then, the patient table is placed inside the magnet, and the remaining medical personnel leaves the room.

Examining without anesthesia

MRI scan discount on child without anesthesia is also performed. In case it can lie still during the procedure. If the child does not have claustrophobia, epilepsy and seizures. As a rule, medicament sleep is not required for children older than five years.

MRI for adults

If the patient is conscious and can follow the doctor's instructions, then anesthesia is not needed. If he has a violation of consciousness, and a person cannot stay in place for a while, then a drug-induced sleep is required.

You need to prepare for the procedure. Preparation includes several essential items: stopping food intake 9 hours before the study, taking water for 2 hours, you need to remove artificial limbs, lenses, jewelry and metal objects.

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