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Understanding the Importance of Preventive Health Care Check-ups

Our healthy lifestyle has hit the roadblock. So hectic is our work schedule that we are left with no time to engage our body to physical exercises that can keep our body's metabolism going. As a result we are seeing ourselves getting affected by some of the most dreaded diseases such as chronic heart diseases, cancers, mental disturbances, diabetes, and several hormonal imbalances. It is not that these health conditions are inevitable. With the help of a proper planning and execution of a proper health check-up, these diseases can certainly kept at bay. Therefore, it is important to go for whole body check-ups on a half-yearly or annual basis which can facilitate the process of treatment and cure. The factors that determine the frequency of the tests are your age, family history.

Since time immemorial, we have been hearing the adage “Prevention is better than Cure”. This is further testified and strongly established by the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) has observed a dip in the incidence and prevalence of coronary heart disease and other chronic lifestyle diseases in western countries, which is the result of appropriate preventive measures undertaken by these countries. What has further contributed to this success is the introduction of routine immunization which eliminated the chances of such disease's occurrence. Therefore, a diagnostic test In Delhi is much advised so the preventive measures get precedence over anything.

It is to be understood that a heart attack is not sudden but a happening due to the gradual accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels. Thus a whole body check-up is an accurate indication of what disease you are suffering from, whether it is seasonal or chronic. In addition, keep yourself informed about what your body is demanding because it will help you to make wise decisions regarding your health.

Who requires Preventive Tests?

By and large, it is the working age-group (35-65 years) who are in need of a preventive health tests largely because of the lifestyle flaws. As a matter of fact there is an international consensus that men, above 35 years of age, and women, above 40 years of the age, should undergo whole body health checkup annually. But there are also cases which have a significant family history of specific medical conditions. Such cases call for screening (even 10 years prior) when the youngest member of family developed that particular disease which could be as complex as diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis etc. If you seek general preventive measures then you must start with the consumption of clean potable water, regular physical exercise, adequate rest, balanced and nutritious diet, avoidance of smoking and tobacco use, immunization against certain diseases which must be backed by regular medical checkups.

Things to remember before going for whole body check-up.

·        Many of the tests are done when the patient's stomach is empty and some of them also require 10-15 hours of fasting.

·        It is advised that you wear loose clothing.

·        Avoid wearing jewelry, or any metallic objects when visiting the mri scan center in Delhi.

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