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Digital Mammography: New Technology in Breast Imaging

The most important factor in the treatment of diseases is early diagnosis. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women today. Breast cancer, which has become the fearful dream of most women over the age of 35, is a type of cancer that can be diagnosed and treated early.


Mammography helps to show the formation and development of even small tissues and cells that are not noticed when examined by hand. Mammography, one of a kind of imaging systems, helps doctors in the medical world with its life-saving feature in breast cancer.

Women are sensitive to breast cancer, of course, but some types of examinations they perform on their own are not sufficient to understand whether breast cancer has occurred. Generally; they try to decide whether there are any injuries from the skin of the breast, color change, whether there is any ingress of the nipple or noticeable change in the vessels. Know about breast scan cost in Delhi to confirm the presence of tumor under breast.

However, breast cancer is not a disease that can manifest itself as obviously as it is thought. Sometimes it is impossible to notice this with the naked eye, as it provides internal growth. When scanning with mammography, even invisible diseases and cancerous cells can be detected. Experts of diagnostic labs in Delhi warn that all women over the age of 35 must be checked twice a year.

What is mammography?

Thanks to the developments in the modern medical world and the new generation imaging systems developed, breast cancers that were previously untreatable can now be treated. According to the experts' diagnostic test in Delhi reports, 90% of the results obtained in mammography screening can be successful.

Since mammography is an improved imaging method, whether the cancer cell or mass is large or small, it helps to learn the size of the cancer without changing anything. With the imaging method, which provides extremely convenience for early diagnosis, the patient is healed again and continues his life in a healthy way.

What is fibroadenoma?

Approximately 10 percent of women have fibroadenoma. Fibroadenoma is called "benign tumor". These tumors can be seen in women between the ages of 15-30. Fibroadenoma, which begins to grow under the influence of the hormone estrogen, manifests itself mostly during pregnancy. In the period of menopause, this growth leaves its place to shrink. Fibroadenoma, consisting of connective tissue and gland cells, can be single or multiple. Women with a large number of fibroadenomas are more likely to have breast cancer.

Changing the level of hormones in women during pregnancy affects the more prominent Fibroadenomas. During these periods or before menstruation, mild pain or swelling can be observed.

More precise information about the multiplicity of fibroadenomas can be obtained with 4D ultrasound test and PET CT scan

What are the mammography types?

Screening mammography:

Screening mammography is a type of imaging applied to women who do not have any complaints. The purpose of exploring CT scan cost in east Delhi is to diagnose in the early period and to determine the appropriate treatment method before cancer danger or suspicion, if any.
Diagnostic mammography:

Diagnostic mammography forwomen who have complaints in the breast is to investigate the causes of the abnormal formations detected in the breast, and suspect cancer if any, and determine the appropriate treatment method. As a result of diagnostic 4D ultrasound in Delhi, it gives the doctor the most accurate information.

Common Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

With the increase in the number of breast cancer cases in India, the fear of cancer is on the rise. One cannot prevent breast cancer but can increase the survival rates by being informed and choosing the right treatment at the right time. Patients diagnosed with breast cancer need planned and systemic therapy, which is personalized based on their cancer condition.

The startling facts about breast cancer

Here are some alarming facts about breast cancer in India that will help patients understand breast cancer and the reason to opt for a personalized treatment:

• Breast cancer comes across as the most common form of cancer in women in India.

• Breast cancer is the most common cancer in most cities and the second most common in rural India.

• Breast cancer has affected 25% to 32% of female cancers in all cities across India.

• In India, breast cancer claims the life of a woman every 4 minutes.

• One woman dies of breast cancer, every 13 minutes in India.

• An estimated 70,218 women died of breast cancer in India, in the year 2012, the highest in the world for that year.

• Only 60% of women, who are treated for breast cancer, survive for at least five years post-treatment in India as compared to 89% in the US.

• The high mortality rate is due to the lack of awareness and delay in screening and diagnosis.

• More than 50% of breast cancer patients in India are suffering from stage 3 and 4, where the chances of survival are extremely low.

• India sees a spurt in the cases of breast cancer in the age group of 30 to 50, and the same is likely to increase.

• Breastfeeding often interrupts periods, which leads to fewer menstrual cycles and less estrogen exposure, leading to about a 4.3 percent reduction in the overall risk of breast cancer for every 12 months of breastfeeding.

• According to the National Institute of Health, breast cancer survivors are at an increased risk of osteoporosis. Estrogen acts as a barrier of protection on bones, and reduced estrogen levels can trigger bone loss.

The needful to be done for breast cancer

Breast cancer cannot be prevented but it can surely be treated within time. Here are some ways with which we can be aware and spread awareness as well.

  • Be aware and spread about breast cancer diagnosis, symptoms, breast cancer recurrence tests, and the right treatment.
  • Learn about self-tests and regularly examine your breasts on your own.
  • Visit an oncologist if you feel any abnormalities in your breasts.
  • Early detection is a blessing. It can hasten the process of treatment for breast cancer and this can give you the chance to live a healthy life post-recovery.
  • Stage 1 and 2 breast cancer patients are eligible to take breast cancer recurrence prediction test to find out their recurrence risk score.
  • Depending on the score, the doctor and patient can personalize their treatment.

Talk to more people and spread the word about breast cancer, treatments and medical tests that can help in personalizing breast cancer treatment by letting the patient know their breast cancer recurrence risk score.

What is Breast Ultrasound?

Most women know that from a certain age it is very important to have regular breast exams. Prevention always plays a prominent role, but there are diseases that detect the existence of cancer cells in time and put a rapid treatment completely changes the evolution of them. This happens, for example, in the case of breast cancer.

In addition to the exploration that gynecologists perform in consultation, breast scan cost in Delhi and diagnostic tests are also fundamental as a method of screening, to know if everything is in perfect condition or should be alerted for some reason. The most common are breast ultrasound and mammography. But is the difference between the two known?

What is mammography?

Each one has its peculiarities. The most used for the early detection of breast cancer is mammography, both for asymptomatic women and for those who have lumps, nipple discharge or sinking. It is a technique that, through minimal radiation, shows images of the interior of the woman's breasts. It is so effective that it can show changes in the breast long before the doctor or patient notice it.

Although the protocol in the public health talks about starting to get mammograms from 50 years, it is recommended that from 40 women take this test every year. Obviously, in women with a history of breast or ovarian cancer, it is necessary to begin screening before that age.

The best time to get a breast scan cost in Delhi is one week after having had the period. In this way the days in which the breasts are more swollen and sensitive are avoided. It is also important to take the tests done in previous years, so that the radiologist can compare if the breast has undergone any variation.

What is a breast ultrasound?

Breast ultrasound is a test that examines the breast using ultrasound. The doctor can see the image of the patient's breasts through a small device called a transducer. By itself, this test is not usually sent as a test for cancer detection, but as a complement. However, in women with dense breasts, with less adipose tissue, the inclusion of an ultrasound in the protocol improves the detection of this disease.

It is a painless test that does not need any preparation, although it is usually recommended not to use any moisturizing lotion in the area or deodorant. This test is very effective in finding small tumors that have not yet spread to the lymph nodes. It distinguishes between a solid mass and a cyst and helps find a tumor when the nipple produces transparent or bloody secretions. It is also a method that is used in the case of being necessary to perform a breast biopsy, functioning as a guide.

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