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What Acquired Brain Injury or ABI Is? Can It Be Avoided?

acquired brain injury

Acquired brain injury is a kind of a disorder that leads to the brain damage, changes the perception of a person, the methodology of communication and the behaviour of a person. Certain types of acquired brain injury may cause physical disability or long term intellectual disability. It is referred to as a silent killer.

The criminal justice system stresses that 80 percent of the people who commit crime suffer from acquired brain injury.

There can be ample reasons for a person suffering from ABI. Some of these reasons include-

  • Head undergoing a trauma. This trauma could be caused by a fall, some kind of brain injury because of a vehicle, being excessively shaken or an accident that might have happened because of a sport.
  • Bleeding or else blood clot inside the brain can cause a stroke
  • Hypoxia-this is a situation when enough Oxygen is unavailable for the brain. This happens when a person is about to get drowned, gets electrocuted or suffers from a heart attack. 
  • Tumours occur inside the brain. 
  • Brain gets infected with diseases like Meningitis and Encephalitis. 
  • Brain gets affected because of the usage of maternal drug or alcohol during pregnancy. 
  • Brain gets poisoned for example poisoning of the lead

Variations are seen in the brain due to the brain injury and the acquired brain injury depends on how severe the brain injury might be. The statistics of Australia reveal that three out of every four persons suffering from acquired brain injury are men and two people out of every three persons got their brain injury before being 25 years old.

Early signs of ABI

The aftermath of acquired brain injury varies from individual to individual. Certain symptoms keep growing with time and get enhanced over a period of time.

When these symptoms become more and more, friends, family members as well as the colleagues start observing the changes in you and these changes being extremely prominent in you can be as-

Your memory deteriorates

Your concentration becomes poor and you are unable to complete your task

You are unable to make correct judgements

You have problems in moving yourself

You are unable to comprehend issues appropriately and your thinking ability gets altered

Your personality entirely undergoes a change. Your mood swings, anxiety and depression become exceedingly prominent.

Your decline in your health becomes excessively prominent. This includes epilepsy, weight gain or weight loss and changes in your growth

Certain people who suffer from brain injury are unable to recover at all and certain others are able to recover yet they have long term effects

Kinds of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) - There are two types of acquired brain injury:

Brain injury that is traumatic

When the head gets a blow or the head moves rapidly, a traumatic brain injury is caused. This can lead to the loss of the consciousness. The brain tissue can even get damaged and this damage can be short term damage or long term damage. If the damage is short term damage, it gets repaired on its own and if the damage is long term damage, it becomes a permanent damage.

Brain injury that is non-traumatic

Exposure to toxic substances, less supply of oxygen to the brain and brain tumour are responsible for causing non-traumatic brain injury. This kind of brain injury occurs when brain cells get damaged.

So, if you meet with an accident,it’s necessary for you to get your brain scanned to be able to avoid getting deadly diseases like acquired brain injury and making your life suffer!! Get timely brain scanning done from 3hcare!!

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