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Fish Oil - Does it Improve the Mood and the Functioning of the Brain?

Fish Oil Benefits

Did you ever wonder the reason behind your needing healthy brain cells? Can they defend you from depression and other mood disorders? If yes, how can the fish oil be your line of defence? Is there any relation between fish oil and healthy brain cells? Read to know more.

Does Loneliness Run in the Families?

Loneliness Run in the Families

Do you feel no one understands you? Do you feel you can’t rely on anyone for sharing your joys and sorrows? Do you feel all alone? Did you for once think about it to be a result of poor health and inherited genes? If not, it’s time for you to know the reasons behind your loneliness to be able to overcome the same.

Magnesium - What are the Warning Signs of this Deficiency?

Magnesium Deficiency

Have you ever experienced weakness? Did abnormal heart beats ever bother you? Have you ever got stuck because of the muscle spasms? Did you ever feel uneasy because of the eye twitches? Did you ever stop for a moment wondering these to be the result of low Magnesium?

It's Monsoon!! - Dos and Don'ts for staying Healthy

It's Monsoon!! - Dos and Don'ts for staying Healthy

Looks like the monsoon is finally here. It may be a beauty watching through a window while you’re sipping on your morning coffee from the comfort of your home or office. Are you ready to face the rain in all its glory? From traffic jams, to illnesses, from beautiful rainbows, to a respite from the tropical summers, it has its pros and cons. unfortunately, the cool, damp weather becomes favorable for the growth of the germs that cause Typhoid, Dengue, Diarrhea, Dysentery and Stomach flu. Elders as well as children are more often prone to such infectious diseases. Those people suffering from Heart diseases or Diabetes Mellitus or Lung infections and Rheumatism are more vulnerable to the infectious diseases.

Is it better to get ADHD cured through Medications or Natural Remedies?

ADHD Cured

Does your child forget to do his/her homework? Does he/she daydream while being in the class? Does he reveal restlessness and impulsiveness while being at the dinner table? Does your child find it difficult to get along well with the others?

One Reporter, Four Families, Six Scientists and A Hunt to Cure an Uncommon Disease

Gall Bladder Cancer

John Marin was 15years old, when his mother died from gallbladder cancer, just over five and a half years after his dad’s death. A 15-year-old orphan had to undergo the irreparable tragic loss alone. The loss was so intense and unbearable that this brave child decided to put in all his efforts to ensure that no one else’s mother dies with a disease with no cure!!

John grew up and became a health reporter with VICC news. Hetook leaveand got funding done from a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for hoping to help the scientists trying to find the cure for uncommon diseases.

Medical tests every woman should get done

Medical Test for Women

Sure, your to-do list is probably longer than the Great Wall of China but medical screening tests are a must to stay on top of your health. Think of them as basic maintenance, just like checking the oil and tire pressure to keep your car running down the highway.

Why should girls marry before the age of 30?

Marry Before Age 30

Did you get married young? What benefits do you think came from it? Or are you planning to get married after 30? Are there any health issues following it? Read on to know more-

Is Having Coffee/Tea in Thermocol/Plastic Cups Harmful?

Harmful Plastic Cups

Are you used to going to your office’s canteen for drinking tea/coffee? Are you served Tea/Coffee in Plastic/Thermocol cups in your office, hospitals, etc.? Aren’t Plastic and Thermocol cups the favorites of parents and picnic-goers the world over? Should this worry you?

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