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Does Loneliness Run in the Families?

Loneliness Run in the Families

Do you feel no one understands you? Do you feel you can’t rely on anyone for sharing your joys and sorrows? Do you feel all alone? Did you for once think about it to be a result of poor health and inherited genes? If not, it’s time for you to know the reasons behind your loneliness to be able to overcome the same.

Magnesium - What are the Warning Signs of this Deficiency?

Magnesium Deficiency

Have you ever experienced weakness? Did abnormal heart beats ever bother you? Have you ever got stuck because of the muscle spasms? Did you ever feel uneasy because of the eye twitches? Did you ever stop for a moment wondering these to be the result of low Magnesium?

Facebook-Is It Bad or Good for Your Health?

Facebook-Is It Bad or Good for Your Health?

Can you think of a day when you were without Facebook? A day when you had many other interesting things to do rather than checking your notifications? Jealousy, complicated relationships, addiction, getting hurt often-are these the gifts you’ve received from Facebook? If yes, it’s time to think whether Facebook is bad for your mental health or not?

Does Yawning Help in Chilling Out the Brain?

Yawning Help in Chilling Out the Brain

What’s the instant reaction when you see someone yawning? Isn’t it he/she is extremely bored? Can yawning be extremely useful in cooling your brain? Should you actually yawn more for ensuring cooling of your brain? One of the most acceptable theories is of the researcher of the Princeton University stating yawning to be extremely important for cooling the brain.

How to Put an End to Misbehaviors of Your Children

Children Misbehavior

Has your kid ever broken a rule? Have you ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation because of your kid? Did you let yourself compromise to some extent while handling your child’s misbehavior? Or were you able to put an end to the misbehavior of your child? Read to know the methods to be adopted for putting an end to the misbehavior of your child.

What's The Impact of Dengue Fever on the Liver?

What's The Impact of Dengue Fever on the Liver?

Concerned about the risk of getting Dengue fever? Suffered from Dengue? Is there a possibility for your getting Dengue again? Does Dengue really affect your liver? Read to know the answers.

Air Pollution - A Leading Cause of Deaths in India

Air Pollution

Have you ever noticed  India’s flag flying high surrounded by smog? Have you ever wondered about the reason for yourself being engulfed in smog while driving early morning? How harmful is this smog? Are we ever going to get rid of this? Do these questions perturb you often?

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever


Hasn’t the expectation of heavier rainfall enhanced the chances of increased number of Dengue cases? Undoubtedly, the number of cases of Dengue is likely to increase by 25%.

The number of Dengue cases doubled from 2014 to 2015 in India and the city most affected was Delhi possessing 1800 cases. It is expected that 2016 is going to be exceedingly bad as far as the number of cases of Dengue are concerned.

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