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Does bread really contain cancer causing chemicals?

Does bread really contain cancer

What if you get up in the morning to hear that the bread inseparable from your meal contains cancer causing chemicals? A study by the centre for science and environment, CSE, has found chemicals linked to cancer in almost 84% of the bread brands in Delhi.

How stretching helps in burning Fat?

Stretching Excersice

Are you doing any stretching exercises on a regular basis?  If you are trying to lose weight, you should. stretching exercises play a very important role in increasing flexibility and as well as burning calories

Why does your Weight Loss Program fail every time?

Weight Loss

You may be sweating it all out, counting the intake of calories and weighing yourself every now and then still the stubborn weight doesn’t seem to be moving down a single pound.

If You Sleep On This Side of the Body, Your Life Shortens For 15 Years

Perfect Sleep Side

How are you feeling this morning? Properly rested? Or getting heartburn and stomach ache? Happy with your sleep to be able to carry on the next day delightfully?

Are you aging or “Healthy Aging”?

Healthy Aging

Growing older changes the life in every possible aspect, from greying of hair to wrinkles on the skin and lot more. Coping with such changes isn’t easy but isn’t impossible as well.

Switch roles this Mother’s Day, mother your mother!!!

Mothers Day

All these years your Mother has been your care taker, nurturer, teacher, and what not. From teaching you how to walk, eat, dress up and deal with other daily life issues to being the emotional anchor, supporter, encourager; she has been playing the role of a mother without expecting anything in return.

How to Train Your Brain to Fall Asleep in 60 Seconds

Get Sounds Sleep

Numerous individuals experience difficulty in falling asleep during the night. This is a typical issue, and I even battle with it. I find that I can't get my psyche to back off and relax. In some cases it can take me up to two hours to get the chance to rest during the night.

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