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4 Reasons To Never Drink Bottled Water Again

Bottle Water

Being a passionate lover of water, I adore water whenever I see waterfalls and lakes, exotic rivers and oceans and fascinating water of the dams. Undoubtedly, shortage of water in a desert or a city would compel me to buy a bottle comprising water.

Live Music Reduces Stress Hormones

Live Music

Exhausted and Stressed from a long working day, answering your troubled son or daughter, or a visit to a doctor.

How to Reduce weight at Home

Reduce Weight

Well, we all be acquainted with that there is no girl in this universe who doesn’t crave to get fit body. We squander lots of money on hairs do, dresses and shoes. But when we see our self in the mirror, that ugly fat body make us feel poignant!

Detoxing with Coffee, Flush the risk of Cancer

Detoxing with Coffee

Just decades ago doctors use to tell about the side effects of having too much coffee because of caffeine was thought to have a negative effect on the body. Still, if coffee is a regular part of your routine, you can rest assured that you’re doing well to your body. If you avoid coffee, start slowly, like you would with any new dietary habit. As per research everybody metabolizes coffee differently — it's why some people sleep after a cup and others stay up all night even after few sips. 

An Artificial Kidney to Take Patients off The Transplant Waiting List

Artificial Kidney Transplant

Chronic Renal Failure is an underestimated killer which is believed to be not as deadly as cancer whereas it has affected a large number of population in India, it either requires dialysis which is affordable only by few or transplantation.

Top 5 Remedies For Indigestion

Home Remedies for Indigestion

Indigestion is very common cause of concern for a lot of us. Getting tempted by the smell of pani – puri and bhale papdi (Indian dishes) is something no one being Indian can control. Many a times our heart and mind tend to urge of eating something really spicy and as a result face gas and indigestion. Gas and indigestion are also indicative of an upset stomach.

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