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Alcohol and its deadly effect on 5 Major Organs

Effect of Alcohol

While partying, cheering for India in a match, or simply enjoying a break from work are day to day activities throughout your life. For few, these occasions include drinking-even drinking to excess which results in deadly repercussions. When consumed less and responsibly, it can be enjoyed without repercussions. When people drinks alcohol, it travels in their bloodstream.

Regular Health Checkups - Why are they so Important

Regular Checkups

Does regular physical checkup with your physician affect your health? Well if you get regularly diagnosed, your doctor may find a problem before it becomes a havoc. Getting your annual checkup done lets you know is everything in working order.

Holi Special - 10 Tips to Protect Your Hair and Skin

Holi Tips

Holi, the spring festival of India, is the most cheerful and vibrant of all Hindu festivals. It brings with it unlimited fun, music, dance, mouth-watering food and, of course, lots of bright colors!

Can you Catch Germs from a public toilet seat?

public toilet seat germs

There is no contrary to the fact that Public Washrooms are one of the most germ laden places. Hence people generally avoid sitting on such public toilet thrones. Some just hover over the seat or some just cover the unsanitary throne with paper rolls.  Are Public washrooms no less than a phobia? The answer is a definite Yes.

Pre-Marital Medical Screening

Pre-Marital Medical Screening

Pre-Marital Medical Screening : Replace the fear of unknown with satisfaction of having a healthy partner. ( Book checkups from and get discounts up to 40%.)

Unseasonal Rain - Host of illness

secluded hazards of unseasonal rain

With the city witnessing unseasonal showers this week, doctors have a word of caution for citizens regarding their health. This season can prove to be a health menace as there are various diseases that come with the rains and make us susceptible to many diseases which are commonly associated with this season.

Yawning May help the brain chill out?

Yawning Benefits

Yawn as a human behavior has been the most quizzical on. Isn’t it? Till date Yawn has been one of the most puzzled reflex of the times. Yawning has various theories. Some based on its contagious nature, while some associated to tiredness, sleep, nervousness or even hunger.

8 signs you’re not drinking enough water

Water Benefits

Sometimes you feel a little sticky, nasty taste in your mouth and you reach out for soft drinks or juices, but these drinks may soothe you for a short time as a temporary solution. Drinking water lubricates the mucus membranes in your mouth and throat, which will continue to keep your mouth moist with saliva long after that first sip.

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