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What are the Symptoms of Liver Diseases?

symptoms of liver disease

The liver is a large organ inside your body whose size is large and it weighs about 3 pounds. It is reddish brown in color and is located under your rib cage on the right of the abdomen. You can’t feel it as it is shielded by the rib cage.

Liver is a very significant organ in our body and is responsible for the following:

  • Filters the blood before passing it to the other body parts
  • Detoxifieschemicals
  • Metabolizes blood
  • Form protein necessary for blood clotting

Many diseases such as Hepatitis, Liver cancer, Ascites etc. are caused by liver malfunction. Some of the liver diseases are:

  • Hepatitis: It is caused by hepatitis viruses A,B and C. It could also be the result of heavy drinking, obesity or allergic reaction.
  • Cirrhosis: It is the permanent scarring of the liver and is caused if there is long term damage to the liver. In cirrhosis the liver refuses to function properly
  • Liver cancer: Most common type of liver cancer includes Hepatocellular and is generally occurs after the cirrhosis
  • Ascites: The liver secretes a fluid (Ascites) into the belly as a result of the cirrhosis and this fluid becomes heavy and distended.
  • Hemochromatosis: This damages the liver by allowing iron to deposit in the liver.

Liver failure is a serious condition and occurs slowly and over many years. However,  sometimes an uncommon condition called acute liver failure occurs in which the liver gets damaged rapidly.

Initial symptoms of the liver diseases are very difficult to detect because these symptoms can also be caused by several other conditions. Early symptoms of liver diseases are:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite

In latter cases the symptoms become more serious and require urgent care. These symptoms are:

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling in abdomen
  • Coma
  • Sleepiness
  • Jaundice

There are various imaging tests that are done to detect liver conditions. Some of them are:

  • Ultrasound:  ultrasound of the abdominal is done for various liver conditions like cancer, cirrhosis etc.
  • CT scan: Abdomen CT scan is done to get detailed images of the liver and other abdominal parts.
  • Liver biopsy: It is done generally after the other tests such as ultrasound or blood test.

Can liver failure be prevented?

Yes you can always protect your liver from various deadly diseases by following these tips:

  • To prevent Hepatitis A or B you can get a Hepatitis vaccine
  • Eat proper diet comprising of all vitamins and minerals
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Be hygienic. Since germs are generally spread by hands, make it a habit to thoroughly wash your hands after using bathroom.

Now as you are aware of all the causes, symptoms and prevention of liver diseases, take good care of your liver and if you can relate to any of the  symptoms stated in the list, consult your doctor today.

Get your liver tested and make sure that you have a healthy liver.

Healthy Liver For A Happy Life

Read Rohit’s Story to Know How his Relationships Helped hHim Cope with his Depression

vitamin D and thyroid deficiency

I was undergoing depression and I just couldn’t speak to anyone openly about it. It needed a lot of courage. I suffered from depression for almost 4 years and I finally gathered the courage to tell the people about it.

Gathering the strength to speak-How did I manage to get the strength to speak about it? It was difficult but with the help and support ofmy friends and family members I am able to speak about what I went through and how disheartening and distressful it really was.

I would like to mention one specific relationship I had which made me overcome all my hurdles. My friend, Dalzy and I spent ample time sharing anxieties of each other. We even managed to laugh at the times we were distressed or facing difficulties.

There were manier times when I had a real tough time with the weird thoughts distorting my mental psyche but during all those times Dalzy was always there by my side listening to and resolving my issues optimistically.

Over a period of time my thoughts became so depressing that they would eat me up and made me restless but I was thankful to Dalzy, a friend, who always understood me and never left my side. He would talk to me and help me overcome all my anxieties to be able to overcome my dark thoughts.

Whenever things would become extremely wrong, I would rely on Dalzy and call him for a cup of coffee. He would readily have coffee with me and make me at ease. Thoughts like being the most unwanted creature on this earth would also get vanished in his company in a spur of the moment.

I never had the courage to share with him the depression I was going through but I always found him to be there with me for helping me. He has always been a support irrespective of the bad times I have had. My consistent battle with depression was never easy but having him was always a blessing in disguise.

Remain in touch with your friends- My suggestion to the ones suffering from depression is only one and that is, to be always in touch with your friends because they would always understand. They would understand your trouble, what you go through and how difficult it really is. They would always and always provide a helping hand you would never want to leave. Chatting and talking to your friends is exceedingly beneficial for overcoming your depression. So, when you are depressed, talk to a friend of yours about it.

Irrespective of your journey to be full of darkness, a good friend would always help you!! Isn’t it appropriately said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed!!”

Depression may even be because of the deficiency of vitamin D and Thyroid as these two deficiencies are linked to depression. Remember!! Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, get timely diagnosis of both the diseases done before it’s too late!!

Alarming Situation - Your Lung and Cardio Vascular System Get Dumped due to Air Pollution Just After Being on a Busy Street for Two Hours

air pollution

Have you ever imagined that just a few hours on a busy city street is sufficient to do damage to your health?

Are your arteries and lungs at risk?

Are you breathing poisonous air?

Air pollution is one of the most common environmental issues in India and around the world. It is one term that our ears are used to hearing. According to studies air pollution results in more than 6 million premature people death every year. These deaths are commonly observed in the rapidly developing countries like India and China. Also these countries are on the top for being two of the most populous countries in the world.

The word pollution means any matter or thing that is “out of place”. It is caused when unwanted elements like contamination, toxins and other perilous products are in the environment. In atmosphere pollution means anything which is harmful to animal, human and plants and can cause harm and disrupt normal pattern of the natural environment.

In the study the researchers found out even two hours on a busy road are more than enough to cause remarkable reduction in the lung capacity among vulnerable people with serious respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. The most hazardous pollutants are nitrogen dioxide from diesel engines. To maintain the levels of your indoor air you can use air purifier.

Air pollution is generally caused by:

  • By burning Fossil Fuels: Sulphur dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuel is one of the most common causes of air pollution.
  • Emission from industries and factories: The emission of dangerous pollutants like hydrocarbons and  carbon monoxide deplete the quality of air to a major extent.
  • Mining operations: During mining chemicals and dust particles are released into air bringing down the air quality to a significant level.
  • Indoor pollution:  Painting supplies, household cleaning products etc. emit hazardous chemicals in the air which contribute to the air pollution.

Now that you know that what causes air pollution you must be wondering what its effects are.

  • Heart and respiratory problems: Air pollution has severe effects on your health like it can cause severe heart and respiratory condition.
  • Global warming: A term common these days is global warming. The increased temperature level across the globe result in increase sea levels and melting of ice in colder regions resulting in global warming.
  • Acid Rain:  Air pollution can lead to acid rain which can cause great damage to animal, humans and crops.
  • Effect on wildlife: Like human, animal also face harmful effects of air pollution.
  • Ozone layer depletion: Ozone layer is in earth’s stratosphere and protests us from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays. Increased level of air pollution is continuously depleting ozone layer.

What can you do?

Now you are aware of all the causes and effects of air pollution. What you can do to curb air pollution. Follow these steps and do your bit to contribute to curb air pollution:

  • Use public transport as much as possible
  • Try to conserve energy at work, home and wherever possible
  • Use eco friendly paints
  • Plant trees
  • Use energy efficient appliances
  • Switch off the car when not in use

Along with all this get regular health checkup done at 3hcare as they provide various kind of heath checkup packages at discounted prices. Stay healthy, stay happy and do your bit to contribute to nature.

Why Air Pollution Significantly Reduces Children’s IQ?

effect of air pollution on children's IQ

Is our planet warming?

What is the affect on us?

Are our children suffering?

What can we do about it?

If you will do survey, you will come to know that one in every family is suffering from breathing problems. These days we are witnessing the worst spell of smog which is the most obvious and familiar form of air pollution. As the urban life continues to swell with more pollution, so does the risk of various diseases due to the poisonous pollutants. According to World Health Organization (WHO) nearly 1.3 million people die every year due to urban air pollution a majority portion of which is produced by vehicles, industry, power generation and tobacco smoke. Doctors strictly prescribe air purifiers to the patients with breathing problems.

Air pollution are generally caused by

  • Small dust particles in the air
  • Gases

Air pollution is a serious problem which generally people ignore at the risk of their economy and health.A new study revealed that exposure to air pollution surges the risk of decrease IQ levels and the ability to access and learn information in teens and children. The researchers also noted below-average IQ scores among children and teen living in urban area where the levels of pollutions are at exceptionally high level. It has also been found that unborn children may also suffer from lower IQ levels if exposed to air pollution particularly polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAH. They score lower score at the age of five compared with the children born to wealthy parents and are exposed to less air pollution.

Following respiratory and lung diseases are caused by air pollution:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Pneumonia
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease –COPD
  • Pulmonary cancer
  • Reduced lung function
  • Leukemia: It is a type of blood cancer
  • Immune system and birth defects
  • Cardiovascular problems like:Stroke

Not only the outdoor air pollution, indoor pollution also affects the IQ levels among kids and children. Statistics say that more people die from indoor pollution than outdoor pollution. Nearly 4.3 million deaths are caused by indoor pollution and 3.7 million deaths are caused due to outdoor pollution. Indoor pollution is significantly caused by fireplaces and cooking stoves.

Therefore improving the quality level of indoor air is extremely important for pregnant women and children as well. Otherwise a day will come when we will be using oxygen cylinder to breathe fresh air

So following are some of the steps which you can follow to curb air pollution

  • Encourage yourself and your family to walk to the neighborhood market instead of using personal vehicle.
  • Stop use of aerosols
  • Put the leaves in a composite pit instead of burming them
  • Plant as many trees as possible
  • Buy vehicle which are energy efficient
  • Do regular checkup of your car
  • Turn off lights when they are not in use

Following these simple activities you can contribute to the nature in reducing air pollution Also, keep your health in check by getting whole body health checkup done at 3hcare because a healthy you is a happy you.

Are Longer Working Hours and Work Related Stress the Major Causes of the Cardiac Arrest?

how to prevent cardiac arrest

Meeting project deadlines, staying back at office for long hours, handling Monday blues… Are you juggling all this at work? Is your heart at cost? Is it the high time to take a few days off from your busy schedule at office?  Read on to know whether you should or not

In today’s scenario young people falling unconscious due to fatigue is common. It happens because sometimes they find it difficult to keep a balance between their personal and professional life. They are trapped into cycles of workholism and hence send invitation to several disorders, illnesses and diseases with cardiac arrest on the top of the list.  

It has been found that long work hour, pressure at work and work life balance are the main three causes of stress related to work. Out of 3,000 people in the age group of 30-45 years, 50 per cent were found to have suffered from a cardiac arrest because of work-related stress. You must have come across a corporate employee who during the interaction has revealed one of the following things he is going through

  • Anxiety
  • Job insecurity
  • Overstress
  • Getting upset over small issues
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Proper diet and regular exercise can help people maintain their physical health and can also help them to lead a happy and stress-free life.  You have to stick by certain routines and give space to certain rules for changes to reflect in your life.  If you want to keep a perfect balance between your personal and professional life, you have to bring in the following changes in your routine/lifestyle

Manage your time well: All of us have same number of hours in a day. Some make most of it some make none of it. It is upto you how well do you manage your time because a poorly maintained work schedule will stress your life. You should prioritize what work is important and what not. Doing this, you will stop wasting time on unimportant things.

Give your family time: Make sure that in your routine you build family time and ‘me’ time and don’t do other activities like checking your mails, answering your calls in that particular time. Keep that precious time devoted to your family only and in that time you should be completely disconnected with your work.

Don’t shirk support: There is no shame in seeking support from outside if you are finding it difficult to cope up your stressful life. Taking help and listening to people who care about you will keep you motivated and committed.

Get regularly diagnosed: Last but not the least get regular health check up done to keep your health in place. Keeping your health in mind 3hcare has brought you healthy heart package to make your heart smile though all the stressful situation in life what come may.

How Do You Feel While Getting Yourself Treated for Thyroid Cancer?

diagnosis of thyroid cancer

It was a spine chilling December morning when I found myself waiting for an appointment on the first floor of Morristown Medical Center. My appointment was in room number 203. Dressed in blue, my favorite color, I was desperately waiting for my turn.

“Nola” someone called. I stepped inside the room from where I have been called.

The technician was all dressed up for the occasion in surgical masks and gloves.

He cautiously opened a locked container and I could see stamp on it. After removing a pink prescription pill bottle, he tweaked the pill between the tweezers. After placing it in a small cup he handed it over to me. I swallowed it in a single gulp hoping that this would be the last step of treatment for Thyroid Cancer.

You rise every morning and then get immersed in everyday’s work like everyone does. And then all of a sudden you come to know that you are suffering from Thyroid Cancer. How does it feel? In my case my whole world turned upside down.

My Age When I Was Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer

I was 32 when I was first diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I was asymptomatic. I had no symptoms of Thyroid Cancer.  I went for a routine checkup when my doctor felt a lump in my neck and then he wrote a series of tests and after that more tests followed and till now the tests are following me without a full stop.

I regularly go for routine health checkups but I never gave much importance to this particular gland. But this part of the body is actually pretty important since it keeps the metabolism of the body balanced and is responsible for several other bodily functions. 

I Underwent Surgery Twice

I ended up going under the knife twice. Once to remove the 5-centimeter tumor at the left side of my thyroid and second to remove the gland. The recovery wasn’t dreadful but emotionally I was damaged. Getting up every day with the same disease without having a physical parameter to measure your recovery is despairing.

When reports of surgeries and tests came, it revealed that I had a spot on my chest. I tried not to get scared, but somewhere I was losing hope.

At times I used to wake up in the middle of the night with severe pain in my neck as if someone had punched me really hard.

I patiently followed the entire series of tests and finally I had to prepare myself, more mentally than physically, for the last step: Radiotherapy

My doctors made me swallow white pill in the shot glass and after that I had to drink 10 ounces of water. It wasn’t easy. They suggested me to go straight home because I could alert authorities that something radioactive is travelling. I laughed the moment he said this but he was damn serious.

I diligently followed the entire process like I had to excrete at regular intervals and also had to start sucking on sour hard candy. I followed everything like a disciplined school kid.

After 15 days, I had a test lined up which would reveal whether the radiations  worked or not and to my surprise it worked! The spot on my chest was gone.

Till five years I had to undergo scans every year, ultra sound thrice a year and a number of other tests until I was considered in full remission.

This deadly disease has left a deep scar on my neck. But I don’t cover it like other Thyroid cancer survivors generally do instead I consider it like my victory symbol, the badge which tells the story of what I had been through and how I survived it. I wear it as a pride flaunting my courage and what I am capable of overcoming.

It’s necessary to get yourself tested for Thyroid Cancer on time to be able to let your cancer get diagnosed on time. Schedule your thyroid Test today!!

A Psychiatric Clinic for Cyber Addicts has been Opened by AIIMS

People who are exceedingly used to the usage of internet, social media and online games acquire many psychological problems. The doctors revealed that it was exceedingly imperative to open this department as the number of people who became addicted increased to a larger extent. Resultantly, opening of this department became extremely important. Mostly school and college students picked up such a habit and had psychological issues.

AIIMS behavioural addiction clinic is being led by a doctor named as Dr Yatan Pal Singh Balhara. He said that the excessive usage of the internet is the major cause of many diseases which can be very harmful. Though the diseases due to the internet can be many but the major one causing everyone’s concern are depression, anxiety and substance abuse. How does the department help such patients? The department helps such patients by counselling them and helping such patients restrict their usage of the internet. The doctors are getting about six to seven patients every day and they say that the number of patients would increase over a period of time.

Doctors say that the children are unable to perform excellently in their academics due to the excessive usage of the internet. Also, the work performance of the people deteriorates because of the addiction to the internet. While working having an access to the internet digress them from their work.

Rohit Nagpal was an excellent boy academically till he was in the class 11th. Post 11th he got used to the excessive usage of the internet. Instead of studying he picked up the habit of playing games online. Resultantly, his academic performance deteriorated to a larger extent. In fact, the outcome was such that three years prior he failed. He tried his best to pass and hasn’t been able to pass his class 12th because of his addiction.

In fact a 14 year old girl slapped her father only because the father took away her cell phone from her. She lost her temper to the extent that she ended up slapping her father. In fact people urinate in their own clothes because of not wanting to go to the washroom while playing on the internet. Some of them end up defecating as well. Such symptoms reveal that a psychiatric department for sure is required to cure such people.

Though Thyroid and deficiency of vitamin D also affect the mental status of an individual drastically yet the mentality being altered due to internet can’t be ignored. Therefore, get your Thyroid and Vitamin D deficiency test done on time to avoid getting mentally ill.

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