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Are the Dry Fruits Adulterated or Not?

Don’t we all fancy gifting Dry Fruits to each other in Diwali? Don’t we feel happy to see our relatives being extremely happy because of our gift?But have we ever thought whether we are making their festival joyous by our gift or are we creating health issues for them? Find out how you can recognise the dry fruits to be adulterated or not.

The dry fruits have a long life of years. These need to be stored properly. In case if these are not stored properly, there are likely chances of your getting the disease associated with the intake of food like diarrhea, vomiting,etc. Dry fruits that are not packaged can be from an unknown sector and hence, has the potential of possessing many harmful effects. Therefore, before you buy the dry fruits, you must look for the following-

Discolouration-If the colour of the dry fruits become darker , consider the dry fruits to be alterated.Also, when the dry fruits get spoiled, the colour of the dry fruits become darker than the normal colour.

Difficulty in chewing-If you are unable to chew the dry fruits, the dry fruits are adulterated. This reveals that the dry fruits are old.

Bad Smell-If the dry fruit smells bad, the dry fruit hasn’t been stored appropriately. This reveals that the dry fruit has been rotten and this has happened because of a lot of water being absorbed by the dry fruit.

Expiry date not mentioned-When the dry fruits are sold in open or are sold in the boxes of the sweets, they do not have an expiry date. The people who wish to buy the dry fruits must check the expiry date mentioned by the FSSI on the packet. The expiry date is mentioned as per the guidelines of the FSSAI. You must try to look for the logo of FSSAI to be on the safer side of knowing that the dry fruits being bought by you are appropriate.The packet should also mention the nutritional details of the dry fruits sothat you are aware that the purchase is from the direct licensed manufacturer of the dry fruits.

Preservatives being mentioned on the packet-If the packet mentions the types of preservatives used for preserving the dry fruits and also mentions the amount of sweets being used,do not buy it.

Irrespective of the dry fruits being adulterated, gifting Dry fruits seems to be a better option than gifting sweets. This is because the sweets are extensively adulterated. Though the tradition since years has been gifting the sweets but the sweets have been found to be extremely adulterated and therefore, a better solution is gifting dry fruits. People therefore, have shifted their priority from gifting sweets to gifting dry fruits. The food and drugs control administration (FDCA) found 6700 kgs of not original Maawa that was used in making the sweets for Diwali. Unfortunately, the sale of such type of sweets has increased tremendously. Therefore, the people have started gifting dry fruits instead of the sweets. Since last four years the sale of sweets during Diwali was much higher but last year the sale of dry fruits exceeded the sale of the sweets by ten percent. This speaks volumes about dry fruits still being a better option than the sweets. Remember to eat dry fruits but do remember to get yourself tested for Diabetes because we all tend to eat more during the festive season of Diwali!Wishing you all a happy Diwali and a sound health!!

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Is Stool Transplant Beneficial for Patients with Gastric Ailments?

Have you often had Gastric problems leading to uncontrollable vomiting, indigestion and stomach ache? Does this reoccur after every few months? Are you troubled because of serious gastric ailments? Have you ever heard of stool transplants being beneficial in curing gastric ailments?

Manas Shukla, a thirty three year old person was newly married and was all set to enjoy his married life. Unfortunately, he had Ulcerative Colitis, bloody stools, diarrhoea and abdominal pain and that too a number of times a day. The result of this was weakness, depression and his inability to work. Finally, he got relief from someone else’s poo.How? He underwent a Faecal Microbiota Transplant or FMT. This is done by putting feces of an individual into the colon of the other individual. The collection of Bacteria inside the gut of an individual suffering from Gastric disorder becomes out of control and this Bacteria is brought under control with the help of the Bacteria present in the donor’s feces. This Bacteria helps in bringing back the condition that has been out of order making things be in proper order.

The case of Shukla was taken up by the Fortis Memorial Research institute, Gurgaon. The stool of his brother in law through the procedure of colonoscopy, taking about a day tentatively, was put into Shukla’s gut. The stool transplant donor was Shukla’s brother in law.The result of this entire procedure was flushing of his proper gut having appropriate Bacteria. This resolved his problem of Ulcerative Colitis. How does the stool transplant sound? Sounds weird. Thoughstool transplant sounds absurd yet this has been very beneficial in curing diseases like Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease and many more.

Though the medical council of India hasn’t yet approved the FMC or the stool transplant or stool transplant procedure yet the trials are going on. The Fortis hospital has tried FMC on ten patients and six patients responded excellently and were cured hundred percent because of the FMC. This has been reported by Dr. Avinash Seth who has been heading this department. FMT is considered to be a medical therapy and not a treatment because a lot of research in this area is yet to be done. The food and drug administration has given an approval for the infections unable to respond to the medicines. Stool transplant protocol is indecisive irrespective of the benefits.

In Apollo Hospital, Professor Anupam Sibal, a globally renowned paediatric gastroenterologist did FMT/ stool transplanton a ten year old child. Since it is not allowed in India therefore, he had to seek the permission of the committee of the ethics along with the permission of the family members. Since the child was unable to get well therefore the doctors prescribed steroids to the child. The steroids have enormous side effects on the body. So, the doctors decided to implant the stool of the father into the son’s body. After one years entire process of FMT/stool transplant the child is a lot better and is on light medication. But the doctors are observing the child because the doctors feel that the child probably might need another transplant. Poop transplant weight loss is uncommon.

Shukla might have to undergo another transplant. Since ample research is yet to be done in this area, therefore, the frequency required for the transplant is unknown. Also, detection of all the pathogens through tests isn’t possible though the thorough screening makes the possibility of the FMT/stool transplant to be safe. Stool transplant benefits will be reviewed over a long period of time. Get timely blood test done by availing Basic Health Package for getting the ulcer detected.

Exam Stress and Peer Pressure - Pushing Kids Towards the Path of Drugs?

A 15 year old kid caught with Cocaine in the school, a 12 year old was found smoking in the school, a 13 year old kid found drunk in the school and the list is endless. Does such news send a chilling sensation down your spine thinking for a moment that the next could be your own kid?

Experts reveal that exam stress and peer pressure, learning disorders and depression are some of the major causes making the children pick up bad habits of drinking, smoking and drug addiction.

Few days back a school caught a student with Cocaine drug and suspended the student. Post suspension the student had to undergo enormous counselling sessions. A similar case was seen in a school in Mumbai. The high school principal, Avnita Bir, of P N Podar high school stated that the craving to try something new and different is very high at this tender age. They feel pressurised because they desperately want themselves to be accepted rather than rejected, they have to bear ample stress because of the expectations of teachers as well as the parents, and they enter the world full of crushes making them face rejections at times and many more. Effects of peer pressure also add to the stress level. At this stage addiction of each and every type is harmful and refraining one’s own self becomes extremely difficult. One has to make the child understand as realising what is right and what is wrong is important. Exam stress and peer pressure might push the kid towards the path of drugs but teaching them not to adopt this is important.

Surprisingly, 899 boys and 821 girls below the age of 14 committed suicide in 2014. Almost 163 kids committed suicide because of their inability to score as per their desires. Such is the outcome of exam stress and peer pressure!! The above information has been revealed by the national crime records bureau. Psychiatrist Dr Vani Khulhali said that the children have ample work on their shoulders these days. This is inclusive of the hobbies they persist. In fact, hobbies like computer games enhance the stress level of the children.

Though unfortunate yet the habit of taking pills for increasing memory and reducing the sleep hours inculcates the habit of in takingDrugs. Many of them suffer from sleep disorders because of the excessive stress levels. This at times makes them opt the path of drugs too.

Family Therapy-Family can be compared to a system. If a part of the system undergoes a change, the entire system undergoes a change. Similarly, if a part of the family undergoes a change, the entire family undergoes a change. The contribution from the entire family is required to be able to cure that one family member because of whom the entire family gets disturbed.Though that one family member’s mental status is disturbed due to the exam stress and peer pressure.In family therapy the entire family is educated on the importance of concentrating on the one who is the sufferer so that that one person can attain full attention to be able to overcome the usage of the drugs through family therapy.

What should you as a parent do if you feel that your child’s mentality and behaviour is suffering-It’s important for you to approach the health care provider? You should go to the school and enquire about the child’s behaviour. If you feel that the behaviour is inappropriate, share the same with the health care provider. Enquire if the behaviour of your child further needs a specialist to rectify the behaviour. Path to addiction of drugs indeed should be curbed. If the answer to the query is yes, please seek medical help. Also, get the whole body check-upof your child done as Thyroid is responsible for majority of the problems related to depression!! Let’s lead a life with mentally healthy children!! to be able to lead a happy and contented life!!

Should You Get Yourself Vaccinated for Universal Flu?

Why is the vaccination for universal Flu required? 250,000 to 50,000 people die every year globally because of the flu.It’s not only one of the most contagious diseases but can cause death too. The vaccine of Universal Flu can protect you from the Virus responsible for causing Flu and reduce the possibility of you yourself being infected by the disease. It can also reduce the chances of getting infected from the others carrying the deadly Virus.

What’s the difference between a Flu shot and a Universal Flushot? There are likely chances of the Virus changing every year as every Flu season differs. After getting vaccinated, the antibodies get developed and these fight against the infection. The Flu shot has to be taken every year as the Virus is likely to change every year.Researchers are working on the preparation of the universal Flu shot. This would be one shot required for the entire life. This might take another five years to develop.How would this be possible? We know that the antibodies are able to recognise that portion of the Virus which does not undergo the seasonal changes. They say that having antibodies alone isn’t sufficient. It is necessary to have the antibodies that combine with the particular portions of the Virus. Since the researchers are aware of the areas where the antibodies have to combine with the virus, therefore, the vaccines can be modified for making the antibodies in higher quantities.This one shot of the Universal Flu would protect you your entire life from the Virus and hence, from the disease.

Don’t we need to know the flu vaccine’s effectiveness? The Virus infects every individual differently. This is largely dependent on the age, the immunity system and the similarity of this virus with the viruses being in the air.

Don’t you hear very often, “Are you vaccinated for universal Flu?” But before we get ourselves vaccinated it’s necessary to know which vaccinesare available now?“ Trivalent” vaccine can prevent you from three viruses and “Quadrivalent” vaccine has the calibre to protect you from four viruses. This vaccine reduces the chances of your getting infected by the Virus by 50 to 60 percent. The effectiveness of the vaccine depends on various factors.First, the immunity system of the person getting vaccinated and second, the similarity between the vaccinesbeing prepared to the virus that gets spread. If there is hardly any similarity between the virus that gets spread and the vaccine that is prepared, there aren’t any likely chances of your getting the benefit from the vaccine.

We are aware of attaining many benefits after being vaccinated for universal Flu but we would tentatively have to wait for five years. So, let’s look at the benefits of the vaccine available now. Vaccine undoubtedly reduces the risk of your getting infected by the Flu thereby, reducing the possibility of your getting hospitalized. A study revealed that the formation of the vaccine reduced the admission in the hospital of the children by 74 percent and the admission of the adults in the hospital by 57 percent. People suffering from chronic diseases need to take this vaccine. This vaccine protects the pregnant women as well as the baby to be born. How long does the Flu vaccine last? Influenza vaccine 2016 lasts tentatively for about 12 months. Still wondering “should I get a shot?” and “When to get the Flu shot?”

Would getting vaccinated for universal Flu protect you from all kinds of viruses? Probably yes but can one Flu shot protect you from all kinds of Flu and Viruses? Flu vaccination can protect you from the Flu virus and not from the other viruses causing symptoms similar to the Flu virus. There can be enormous viruses prevalent other than the virus responsible for causing Flu. The viruses that are the non-Flu viruses comprise of Rhinovirus responsible for causing common cold and  respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), responsible for causing respiratory diseases. What are the side effects of the vaccine? Flu vaccine side effects include aches and low grade fever.

Undoubtedly, getting yourself vaccinated for universal flu would have been the best option had universal Flu been available but now vaccination for Flu is the best way to prevent you from the Flu. However, if you don’t get yourself vaccinated, you can protect yourself against Flu by eating anti-viraldrugs. Remember to eat these only and only when prescribed by the doctor. Remember to get your platelet count checked when you get fever.

Which Air Purifying Plants Can You Keep at Home?

Is our indoor air polluted? Is the polluted indoor air as dangerous as the polluted outdoor air? If yes, what causes 90% of the indoor pollution? Are best air purifying plants for home beneficial for making the indoor air pollution free?

Can Polluted Ganga River Treat Infections?

Ganga - The most pure river is now known to be one of the most polluted rivers, “Ganga Pollution”. Doesn’t it click your mind not to step into Ganga with the dirty water that it has? Once bathing in Ganga was supposed to be a ritual but today don’t we just stop ourselves from even taking a dip in the holy river?Have you ever wondered if there is still something special left in the river Ganga? Shockingly, Ganga river has extreme healing properties irrespective of a lot of pollution in the river.

The scientists belonging to the institute of Microbial technology have concluded that the water of the Ganga river does not decay easily. In fact, this water has viruses and Bacteriophages that eat the Bacteria responsible for causing pollution.

The river Ganga is known for having the antiseptic properties besides being called by the name, “Ganga Pollution”. The British Physician, Mr. E Hanbury Hankin in the year 1896 found that the Cholera microbes automatically died in the water of the Ganga river after three hours. Doesn’t this speak about the magical powers that this river has? It’smagical properties make it overcome the name “Ganga Pollution”. Practically, the Cholera microbes irrespective of water being distilled remained alive for almost 48 hours in the normal water. Isn’t there a major difference? Certainly!!

The river Ganga has tentatively 20-25 varied types of Bacteriophages and these can fight diseases like Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Cholera and Urinary Tract Infection. Dr. Shanmugam Mayilraj also found certain genetically mutated viruses. These viruses are novel viruses, the viruses that have never infected humans before, never seen before. For collection of the samples the entire stretch from Haridwar to Varanasi was covered. The collection of the samples was done during pre-monsoon as well as post monsoon. The scientists now are planning to collect the water samples from the rivers Narmada and Yamuna to be able to further evaluate the reason for the water of Ganga river to be different.

Earlier it was believed that Ganga possessing the healing powers was just a myth but due to the efforts of the scientists we have come to know about the benefits of the Ganga river. Since the river already has the healing powers therefore it is believed that cleaning the river further would bring further benefits. Therefore, the efforts are being made to reach from “Ganga Pollution” to “Ganga free pollution”

How to save river Ganga from pollution? We are all aware that pollution of Ganga has to be reduced. Therefore, the chief minister Harish Rawat has permitted the establishment of the turtle breeding in Rishikesh.Throwing of the dead bodies in Ganga contribute to Ganga pollution. Turtles are known for living in the clean water. Turtles can’t live in dirty water and they start dying. If the population of Turtles reduces, the water is supposed to be extremely dirty. They have the calibre of living in the water for five years and cleaning the water. The locals throw dead bodies in the water and the dead bodies increase the Ganga pollution. Turtles help in clearing the water body of the decayed body.

Remain healthy by getting the regular health tests done so that the natural antiseptic, a dip in the river Ganga, is suffice for your sound health!!

Can a Smiling Spouse Make Your Life Healthier and Stronger?

leading a happy married life

Do your mornings go discussing with your spouse about the call you received from the mother in law?

She was sarcastic, as usual, wasn’t she? Does the cup of tea having together goes discussing the conversation you had with her? Do you proceed your day with a frown?Have you ever had tea thinking- a happy and a smiling spouse is the key to your good health? Researchers have found that a happy partner improves your health with his/her happiness.

Isn’t it appropriately said, “Happiness is not the absence of the problems, it’s your ability to deal with them.” A research was done on 1981 middle aged couples and the research revealed that the health of those partners having happy partners was better than the others. We are all aware that happiness restricts your acquiring diseases but Chopik was keen on extending this research to find the outcome of happiness on the relationships as well.

Taking care of your partner is necessary for letting yourself as well as your partner remain happy.If you consider stresses to be more important in life,your concentration would only be on the stresses. You irrespective of your trying your best would only concentrate on the stresses. Living your life with a happier person can actually make the life for you easier.

How to maintain a healthy relationship?

Storms come in everyone’s life but happy couples know how to fight the storm. Life isn’t smooth for anyone. Ups and downs are parts and parcels of everyone’s lives and happy couples know the ways to overcome the downs. Certain steps for maintaining a healthy relationship are as-

Proper Communication

Things that make a good relationship include appropriate communication. Conflicts occur in every relationship but a happy couple is the one that is aware of adopting apt methods for revealing the conflictingideas. Signs of a healthy relationship are communicating properly. Though the commitment levels may be low yet appropriate communication is vital.

Remember the small important things

Do you consider manners only to be important for your visiting guest? Or for your boss? Doesn’t the person with whom you live deserve the same respect you give it to your boss or the guests? It’s necessary to be polite with the person whom you have promised to lead your life with. So, don’t forget the “thank yous” and “sorrys” to be spoken when required. This is one of the most important sign out of many signs of a healthy relationship.

Don’t go to bed Angry-Have you ever heard-“never go to bed angry?”

If you both disagree with each other and find yourselves to be extremely tired to argue on the same, give it some time. Time is the best healer. Therefore, sleep thinking that the argument will be taken up the next day instead of sleeping considering yourselves to be angry with each other. Remember –there’s a difference between being angry and being in disagreement.

How to maintain a healthy relationship?

How to have a happy relationship? How to keep a good relationship? Being married you need to read the healthy relationship tips mentioned above to get your answers but if you are not married, it’s necessary for you to get the pre-marital test done

To maintain a healthy relationship for the couples getting married, it is crucial to get a pre marital checkup. This checkup helps in number ways as it can diagnose sexual disorders, genetic compatibilty, transmitted diseases that can hurt relationship and much more.

Is Sitting too Much at Work Killing You?

sitting too much at work killing you

Do you think the deadlines given to you are killing you? Or is it the regular meetings? Or is it the expectations of your office? Well!! It’s none. It’s the chair you are sitting in. Sitting was ranked the number one disease related to the lifestyle in the year 2015 and it is the number one lifestyle related disease even today. Not only does the sitting impact our life’s years but also our body.

What is the Difference Between a Normal Brain and a Brain with Alzheimer Disease?

Alzheimer Disease

You must have often forgotten things after keeping them somewhere. Did the forgetfulness ever bother you? Or did you just consider it to be an outcome of a tiring day? Did the disease Alzheimer having forgetfulness to be the major symptom ever struck you? If not, read to know about the disease Alzheimer.

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