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Health Packages

3H Care offers various health checkup packages at top labs in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, NCR at highly competitive price.

What is a health checkup package?

Health checkup packages are need of the hour for everyone. Top labs have created different health packages based the gender, age and other parameter. These health checkup packages are designed to give an overall picture of patient’s health. Most of our registered labs offer free home sample collection facility for blood and urine sample collection.

Some of the common health checkup packages offered by 3H Care at their partner labs are –
    • Thyrocare Health Checkup Packages
    • SRL Health Checkup Packages
    • Master Health Checkup Packages
    • Preventive Health Checkup Packages
    • Full (complete) body checkup packages
    • Comprehensive Health Checkup Packages
    • Well Women Health Packages
    • Pre Marital and Pre Employment Health Packages
    • Pre-Natal or Pregnancy Health Checkup Packages
    • Thyroid and Diabetic Profile Package
    • and many more ….

    Looking of a health checkup package anywhere in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, NCR? Book online at top labs on 3H Care portal and get additional discounts.
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    Powered by Thyrocare
    Free Home Sample Collection
    Package Includes : 133 Tests
    Cardiac Risk Marker Profile (7 Tests)
    Complete Hemogram (28 Tests)
    Diabetic Screen (5 Tests)
    Iron Deficiency Profile (3 Tests)
    Lipid Profile (8 Tests)
    Liver Profile (11 Tests)
    Kidney Profile (8 Tests)
    Thyroid Profile (3 Tests)
    Arthritis Profile (2 Tests)
    Vitamin D Profile (3 Tests)
    Electrolytes Profile (3 Tests)
    Pancreas Profile (2 Tests)
    Urinogram (10 Tests)
    Microalbuminuria (3 Tests)
    Fat Soluble Vitamins (3 Tests)
    Vitamins B Complex (8 Tests)
    Toxic Elements (22 Tests)
    Serum Ferritin
    ₹6000.00 ₹2765.00

    Pro Aarogyam 1.3 (68 Test)

    Powered by Thyrocare
    Free Home Sample Collection
    Package Includes 68 Tests
    Cardiac Risk Marker (1 Tests)
    Complete Haemogram (28 Tests)
    Diabetes (2 Tests)
    Electrolytes (2 Tests)
    Iron Deficiency (3 Tests)
    Lipid (8 Tests)
    Liver (11 Tests)
    Pancreatic (2 Tests)
    Renal (Kidney) (5 Tests)
    Testosterone (1 Test)
    Thyroid (3 Tests)
    VItamin (2 Tests)
    ₹2200.00 ₹1225.00

    Aarogyam 1.7 (88 Test)

    Powered by Thyrocare
    Free Home Sample Collection
    Package Includes 88 Tests

    Arthritis (Includes 2 Test)

    Cardiac Risk Markers (Includes 6 Test)

    Complete Hemogram (Includes 28 Test)

    Diabetes (Includes 4 Test)

    Electrolytes (Includes 2 Test)

    Hormone (Includes 1 Test)

    Iron Deficiency (Includes 4 Test)

    Lipid (Includes 8 Test)

    Liver (Includes 11 Test)

    Pancreatic (Includes 2 Test)

    Renal (Includes 5 Test)

    Thyroid (Includes 3 Test)

    Toxic Elements (Includes 9 Test)

    Vitamin (Includes 3 Test)

    ₹4000.00 ₹2070.00