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Why Air Pollution Significantly Reduces Children’s IQ?

effect of air pollution on children's IQ

Is our planet warming?

What is the affect on us?

Are our children suffering?

What can we do about it?

If you will do survey, you will come to know that one in every family is suffering from breathing problems. These days we are witnessing the worst spell of smog which is the most obvious and familiar form of air pollution. As the urban life continues to swell with more pollution, so does the risk of various diseases due to the poisonous pollutants. According to World Health Organization (WHO) nearly 1.3 million people die every year due to urban air pollution a majority portion of which is produced by vehicles, industry, power generation and tobacco smoke. Doctors strictly prescribe air purifiers to the patients with breathing problems.

Air pollution are generally caused by

  • Small dust particles in the air
  • Gases

Air pollution is a serious problem which generally people ignore at the risk of their economy and health.A new study revealed that exposure to air pollution surges the risk of decrease IQ levels and the ability to access and learn information in teens and children. The researchers also noted below-average IQ scores among children and teen living in urban area where the levels of pollutions are at exceptionally high level. It has also been found that unborn children may also suffer from lower IQ levels if exposed to air pollution particularly polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAH. They score lower score at the age of five compared with the children born to wealthy parents and are exposed to less air pollution.

Following respiratory and lung diseases are caused by air pollution:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Pneumonia
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease –COPD
  • Pulmonary cancer
  • Reduced lung function
  • Leukemia: It is a type of blood cancer
  • Immune system and birth defects
  • Cardiovascular problems like:Stroke

Not only the outdoor air pollution, indoor pollution also affects the IQ levels among kids and children. Statistics say that more people die from indoor pollution than outdoor pollution. Nearly 4.3 million deaths are caused by indoor pollution and 3.7 million deaths are caused due to outdoor pollution. Indoor pollution is significantly caused by fireplaces and cooking stoves.

Therefore improving the quality level of indoor air is extremely important for pregnant women and children as well. Otherwise a day will come when we will be using oxygen cylinder to breathe fresh air

So following are some of the steps which you can follow to curb air pollution

  • Encourage yourself and your family to walk to the neighborhood market instead of using personal vehicle.
  • Stop use of aerosols
  • Put the leaves in a composite pit instead of burming them
  • Plant as many trees as possible
  • Buy vehicle which are energy efficient
  • Do regular checkup of your car
  • Turn off lights when they are not in use

Following these simple activities you can contribute to the nature in reducing air pollution Also, keep your health in check by getting whole body health checkup done at 3hcare because a healthy you is a happy you.

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