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Air Pollution - A Leading Cause of Deaths in India

diseases due to air pollution

Have you ever noticed India’s flag flying high surrounded by smog? Have you ever wondered about the reason for yourself being engulfed in smog while driving early morning? How harmful is this smog? Are we ever going to get rid of this? Do these questions perturb you often?

As per the report of the world bank, 1.4 million people died in India because of the air pollution in 2013. Air pollution is exceedingly hazardous as it can cause deadly diseases; associated with the Heart, Liver etc. Though the countries possessing the highest population like India and China are the worst affected yet other countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh can’t be ignored as these countries are in the list of the top fifteen countries that are the worst affected in the entire world.

What are the repercussions of the air pollution? Major serious ailmentslike enhanced risk of cardiac arrest, obstruction in the pulmonary artery and lung cancer are caused because of the indoor as well as the outdoor pollution.Shockingly, “fine particulate matter” is a type of pollution responsible for causing 3 million deaths tentatively each year in the entire world. India unfortunately has exceeded China in the quantity of fine particulate matter exposing its citizens to the deadly pollution.

New Delhi comprises of 128 micrograms per cubic meter fine particulate matter as compared to Washington comprising 12 micrograms per cubic meter. As per the recommendation of the world health organization, a country should not exceed 10 micrograms per cubic meter on an average annually. New Delhi has exceeded this limit enormously. In fact, 570,000 premature deaths were an outcome of the exposure to fine particulate matter in 2011.Also, 12,000 deaths due to pollution in Indiawere caused because of the exposure to ozone. It’s for certain that the exceeding number of premature deaths is associated with the air pollution.

Pollution resulted in India losing $560 billion in the manpower and welfare loss, more than 8.5% of the GDP of India. The three reasons causing increased number of deaths are air pollution in India.

Pollution may be visible and it may be invisible yet it contributes towards the global warming. Air pollution being a major health; hazard impacts everyone. Contamination of the environment due to the activities like motor vehicles, stoves, tobacco smoke and many more are some of the reasons contributing to the air pollution.

The main pollutant responsible for warming the earth is Carbon dioxide. Human creations like planes, power plants, etc. have released a lot of carbon dioxide into the air since last hundreds of thousands of years. Time has come to reduce this pollutant.

The government of India acknowledges it to be a health hazard and hence, has formed a committee to look into the issues to be able to address one of the major problems being faced by India. Kyoto Protocol, an agreement between countries for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions has also been signed. Let’s all pledge to reduce pollution for saving lives.

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