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6 Foods To Avoid This Summer

As summer starts to spread its tentacles to cause extreme discomfort and restless, the body becomes vulnerable to lots of health complications. But the crux of summer healthcare lies on the fact that most of these health hazards can be warded off with a change in diet plan i.e. one must choose food that benefits the bodily functions and also keeps you well fed. Summer is also the season wherein we tend to lose our body metabolism in great measures. In our previous article, we featured the foods to add to your menu in summer. Now, let’s shift focus to the foods that we need to avoid in summer.

junk food

  1. Fried/junk food- Two of the usual suspects that have always been rounded up in the list of food to avoid in summer season are foods that are fried and contain high amounts of trans fats. Oily food harms the process of digestion and can even make people susceptible to food poisoning. Add to that, the accumulation of bad fat that’d do nothing but cause weight gain. Hence, one should opt for healthier options like a salad made of fresh and watery vegetables and fruits. meat
  2. Meat- Although meat is a great source of protein, a nutrient required for building muscles, it is also true that consumption of the same is too much for the stomach to bear. This goes particularly well for red meat since it causes a lot of heat. Therefore, one must avoid eating meat in summer at all costs. Dairy products
  3. Dairy products- No arguments on the fact that dairy products are the best available source of calcium and Vitamin D, two most essential sources required for healthier bones. However, the digestion of the body takes a beating and shows symptoms of flatulence, bloating and gas. Furthermore, skin allergy is also a common problem experienced due to the consumption of dairy products in the summer. Mangoes
  4. Mangoes- It is virtually impossible to resist the temptation of eating mangoes in summer, and why not? The king of fruits is a favorite among one and all. But one must be advised about eating mangoes in moderation during the summer season. Eating too many mangoes in summer can trigger cases of loose motion and diarrhea. Kids and teenagers are gripped with the problem of acne and skin itchiness. It is, therefore, necessary to limit the consumption of mangoes to the point that it acts as a good palate cleanser! whole grain bread
  5. Chapati/whole grain bread- Much of the health problems of the body stems from the non-functioning of the internal organs. Since diet is of such crucial importance, it must be under the watch whatsoever. Eating chapatis may be a good alternative for people struggling to maintain their weight, it is also important to understand that whole grain bread are difficult to digest at the time of the year when the body experiences loss of water. Therefore, one must consider switching over to rice. Spices
  6. Spices- It can’t be explained any better when we say that spicy food can spell disaster to your health in the summer season. The more one eats spicy food, the more they risk their body to get affected by the heat generated by the spices. The alternative to spicy food is simple; eat boiled food and fresh fruits.
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